4 of the best frameworks to use for Android app development

In the present era, there are more than one billion active users subjected to the Android system.

It is the most popular one globally and it is preferred by most of the people.  Generally, a developer should be aware of the Android-based apps, games including the software. In order to make the work, an easier one tries to get hands with the native app development tools.

On the other side of the flip, the Android offers a list of frameworks in which one can develop and also launch the creation. The major feature of the framework is to provide practical help along with the coding when one wants to move on with app development for Android. Here, we are going to view a list of Android frameworks so that the professional developers can create the best apps for the users.

  1. PhoneGap

This one allows you to create the technologies that you prefer the most. It is mainly meant for the Cascading Style Sheet, JavaScript, and HTML5 development. A famous framework designed one and it is developed by the software giant Adobe. Along with the multiple libraries and Command Line Interface capabilities and the Cordova web view the developers can gather the larger PhoneGap codes in their recent innovations. On the other side of the flip, one can use the PhoneGap mainly for the Windows Mobile Application Development.

  1. JQuery Mobile

The jQuery is a lightweight tool and along with the massive user base, it offers a list of impressive features such as the progressive augmentation, semantic markup, theme designing, and Cordova support including the PhoneGap support. The overall framework is renowned for its simplicity and it is the best tool for the creation of simple and straightforward apps.

  1. NativeScript

The NativeScript offers the best cross-platform code sharing and it can be used for the iOS and the NativeScript. It is an open source framework and it depends on the UX evolution including the development. The User Interface is related with the Extensible Markup language, JavaScript including the Angular. Along with the Native Script, one can literally create the native Android applications along with the JavaScript and the Cascading Style Sheet. The overall framework handles with the usage of the native User Interface collection.

  1. Mobile Angular User Interface

Generally, the overall framework combines both f the Angular JavaScript and the Bootstrap. It is an open source tool that integrates to form a User Interface structure. The developers can port the creation starting from the web to the mobile phones in an efficient manner. At the same time, it also provides the overlays, sidebars, switches including the scroll areas. This one takes especially in the migration including the development process. Along with the overthrow.js and the fastclick.js as the libraries the overall User Interface design of the Mobile Angular is a traditional framework.

  1. The app builder

The app builder is considered as the world’s leading enterprise mobile application platform and it is based on the HTML5 technology. It is also one of the important platforms in the field of development. It is an easy drag and also drop-functionality where one can develop and also create the apps without writing any code. The framework also integrates with the Google Play and the social media sites.

  1. Corona SDK

In case if you want to create an app for the Android in a shorter interval of time, then one can depend on the Corona SDK. Some of the standard languages totally depend on the Lua. The Game makers use the framework due to the major factor of the smooth functionality. Along with the native User Interface and the Application Programming Interface, the hardcore developers use the Corona SDK.

  1. Appcelerator

This one allows developing the overall native applications for the concerned Android platform. It has a major portfolio of about two billion existing applications depending on the roster. It mainly uses the JavaScript technology language and also the gigantic Titanium SDK in order to help the developers in the creation of the picture perfect applications for the Android. Additionally, the platform provides automated mobile testing in order to reduce the workload.

  1. MoSync SDK

Here, one can develop the applications with the aid of the single code base and it is the most perfect one for the cross-platform development. It is an open source application creation platform used by most of the professional application makers globally. The traits of the HTML5, JavaScript, and C and C++ technology are used in order to create the software. Due to the major factor of the single code base development, most of the professional developers prefer the MoSync SDK.

  1. Sencha Touch 2

If you want to develop a standard business app for your organization, it can be done successfully with aid of the Sencha Touch 2 Framework. On the other side of the flip, it offers an integrated MVC system so that the management of the project takes in an efficient manner without any complications. You can also publish the work directly by using Google Play by using this tool.


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