Top 3 Best Korean Drama Apps To Download Korean Movies, New English Subtitles Free In 2021

Are you a movie enthusiast who wants to enjoy excellent and lively watch Korean movies online? You don’t want to miss any hot movies, TV shows, or favorite music shows? So the following korean movie download app will be the perfect choice for you.

List 3 Best Apps To Download Korean Movies

1. Viki – Korean Dramas and Movies App

If you are looking for apps for korean drama for watching Korean drama free, Viki is the best choice for you. Viki for iOS is an entertainment service exclusively for young people. You can watch blockbusters, exclusive reality TV shows, music videos and lots of other exciting entertainment content from the iPhone, My iPad, iPod Touch. You watch the best TV shows, good movies, vibrant Korean movie selectors, and the most advanced content with perfect quality, translated into over 150 different languages by one enthusiastic fan community.

Top titles of the app include the most prominent Korean TV series, Taiwanese, Chinese, Philippine dramas, Telenovelas, Japanese series films, and Anime style. Furthermore, you can also enjoy American cartoons, NBC Universal, History Channel, A&E, TV show E! TV as well as good movies from Indonesia, Hong Kong, etc. This is best app for korean dramas and korean drama tagalog dubbed app.

Furthermore, Viki version 4.8.0 has an additional Viki Pass Annual Plan package with the price of Viki Pass subscription packages being $ 3.99 / month, $ 4.99 / month and $ 49.99/month respectively. Application designed optimized for iPhone 5.

Download Viki Kdrama App For Android

2. Within- VR – experience the future of storytelling today

Within-VR is a lovely and amazing Korean drama download app or korean movie downloader site. Within – VR (Virtual Reality) is an application to view virtual reality videos (Virtual Reality) with free VR glasses on iPhone / iPad. With this app, iPhone users pair the device with the Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses to watch live VR videos in 3D or full-screen 360-degree rotation.

Dowload Within- VR here!

Furthermore, the kdrama apps has a 3D or 360-degree full-screen rotation. Besides this surreal and monumental image, the audio part is also Within – VR (Virtual Reality) handled quite well, bringing the perfect experience of both the look and the listener to the user.

Another interesting point in Within – VR (Virtual Reality) is that you can watch videos with Google Cardboard glasses or no glasses. Currently, there are four basic options for users Within – VR (Virtual Reality) to view virtual reality content, which is by VR glasses, watching 3D videos with handheld devices, simple VR viewer or on the player web video background.

Of course, if you own a virtual reality glasses (VR Glasses) like Google Cardboard. The 3D video VR experience will be optimal. Verse allows watching 3D movies with vivid stereo sound when you pair your iPhone with VR glasses. Besides Google Cardboard, you can also use a variety of virtual reality glasses such as Samsung Gear VR, FIBRUM. After installing the iPhone into glasses, pairing together, you can download videos from Within – VR (Virtual Reality) and experience in the form of different virtual reality.

3. Disney Movies Anywhere

If you are looking for the best Korean movies, English subtitles, Disney Movies Anywhere or asian dramas app. Disney Movies Anywhere for iOS is an attractive movie and entertainment app for children and adults – passionate iPhone / iPad users of the animated series of Walt Disney, Disney Pixar, Marvel or series Star Wars – Star Wars cult. However, you should note that the app currently supported by Korean movies as well. To experience these blockbusters, you can change the IP address on the app store.

Dowload Disney Movies Anywhere here!

Disney Movies Anywhere is korean movie download app, which supports users to watch Disney movie collections on multiple devices with a stable Internet connection. From here, you can develop your animated collection in 2 ways: buy Disney movies, Disney Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars from suppliers or unlock digital copies (Digital Copy) from the Combo Pack France.

After connecting an account from a legal provider to the Disney Movies Anywhere, the movie will be stored and played from the Disney Movies Anywhere Collection. At this time, users can enjoy movies anytime, anywhere with standard image and sound quality.

Moreover, not only is it a service for watching high-quality online movies, but Disney Movies Anywhere is also a versatile entertainment application for mobile users. You will be able to watch exclusive videos, and exclusive content just for Disney Movies Anywhere accounts, including special offers, bonus points to buy the next movie.

For iPads running the new iOS 9.0, Disney Movies Anywhere adds Picture in Picture feature to both watch videos and enjoy other items in the app.

Also, the My Collection feature lets you store your favorite movies purchased or downloaded, and can even stream videos on the big screen via AirPlay connection. The application allows downloading movies via Disney Movies Anywhere on compatible devices.

The films in the personal collection will be labeled green for easy distinction. Because Disney is a movie-watching service for kids, Disney Movies Anywhere is indispensable for Parental Control, allowing parents to create a safe entertainment environment for children without direct supervision.

Hope that after the post, you will know more about Korean drama apps and have the right choice for your own.

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