It a no-brainer that a brand cannot exist without a logo. The logo design follows graphic design trends. While the new logo design trends come and go every year, the brands and business organizations don’t redesign their brand identities as often. The year 2019 is all about enhancing the logo design by experimenting with various styles and combining them with different color schemes and shades. Here are some of the amazing changes and trends that will dominate the logo design industry in the year 2019:

•    Vividness and vibrancy of colors:

Bright and vivid colors have been one of the top rating trends for the past few years, and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere for a couple more years to come. Combing bright and vibrant colors to make an impactful brand statement is the modern busies demand and need. Where these colors convey the message, they also establish an emotional connection.

•    Gradients—the trendsetting pattern:

The first ever company or brand to introduce gradients was Instagram, and after that, gradients have become one of the most appreciated and widely-used logo design trend. Undeniably, gradients have been one of the most steady logo design trends for the last few years.

•    The influence of metallic:

Metallic logos are not a new concept. However, in the year 2019, this trend is expected to take the center-stage. Usually, metallic logos were used only by accessories brands and jewelry manufacturers. Where these logos integrate attributes like high-quality and powerful appearance in your logo, these logo designs are perfect for creating a simplistic standout logo.

•    The uncomplicatedness of logo geometry:

If we say that geometry and logo design are a combination made in heaven, we won’t be exaggerating. The concept behind using geometry in logo designing is simple, and it is in logo designing every icon and element is symbolic, and in geometry, every shape and figure has some meaning to it. For instance, circle conveys completeness and triangles represent power and influence. From simplifying a complicated idea to making the logo recognizable, geometric shapes give elegance and conceptual look to your design.

•    Minimalism is here to stay:

The minimalistic design approach has been one of the widely-practiced methods of logo designing. It not only keeps the logo design simple and understandable rather, but it also gives a sharper and cleaner look to your logo design. Whether you scale it up to fit a billboard or you reduce it to fit in letterhead, a minimalistic logo will not disappoint you when it comes to looking visually well, regardless of the size, scale, and category of marketing platform.

•    Unleashing the inner artist through artistic logos:

First things first, keep your logo readable. Whether you work for design agency like logo design UK or as a freelance designer, designing a logo in which you can easily express and include your artistic soul is what the dreams of every logo artist are made of. Logo illustrations and art are one of the most anticipated logo design trends of the year 2019. From choosing the right color scheme to appropriate incorporation of brand values and required style are few of the many attributes of artistic logo designs.


When it comes to logo design trends, 2019 will surely be an electrifying year for the design industry. From bright colors empowering the brand identity to making lasting impressions through simplistic and minimalistic logos and bringing the artistic vibe to the logo design will re-define the logo design method and approaches.