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Custom Printed Personalized Branded Popcorn Bags and Boxes


Popcorn is usually associated with cinema halls, theaters, and live matches, but it is also popular doing any of the same things at home as well as among kids at schools and home. It is perfectly safe to say that popcorn is one of the well-known food items in the world. Another reason for its popularity is that it is not so expensive and anyone can afford it. It is also liked because it comes in handy popcorn boxes that are exclusively engineered to keep the food item fresh and makes it easier for the food lovers to hold it. That is why almost every food corner selling this food item gets this packaging that comes with a lot of customization opportunities to perfectly play the role of a safe and handy packaging as well as an effective tool for the advertisement of their brand. Following are a few features that are exclusively associated with this type of packaging and make it an ideal choice for retailers at cinema halls as well as at a market outside the cinema premises.

Customizable design

Customizable design is the most important feature of this type of packaging. The custom popcorn boxes come with a number of customization options that allow the customers to pick the size as well as the design of the container. From small, regular, medium, large, and extra-large all sizes can be availed for these packages while the design options include the addition of handle at the top or on the side of the container, addition of a detachable top cover to keep the food safe from dust and moisture. The handle makes it easier for the consumer to hold the package while it is filled with crispy yummy popcorn.

But that is not all about the design as there are other options as well, such as the addition of a die-cut window that can be covered with lamination of vinyl sheet. The die-cut window can further be customized in many different shapes thanks to the latest technology that the customers can get the window cut in their desired shape. The most commonly used cut is the initial letter of the brand that is selling the food while other shapes include a heart or a teddy bear.

Use printing for marketing

Since popcorn is not associated with a specific environment, it can be sold and eaten at any place at any time. Most of the people eat it as a snack which means that this food is going to the places where there is either only one person or a whole crowd of foodies, so this is the best chance to advertise the brand. Get these custom popcorn boxes printed with the name of the brand or just logo of it and let people know that you are in the market dealing in this business. Printing is a luxury that can give the package a whole new look and make it more attractive. The customers can choose the printing design of the packaging according to their choices such as the lining of color or multiple colors, a specific pattern, customized font style, and greetings as well. The printing can further be made attractive with the help of lamination and foiling in different colors. The lamination makes the box stronger and water-resistant while the foiling makes it more attractive.

Choice of packaging material

Another quality of these boxes is that the customer can choose the material by which the packaging solution is to be manufactured. Usually, cardboard stock and paper stock are used for the manufacturing of these containers, but there are other options as well such as Kraft stock, corrugated stock, and plain paper. It depends upon the retailer which type of material he wants to choose for the package. All these types of materials are available with variable thickness that can be increased or decreased by the customers.

The most important point about the material is that all these materials are completely safe for food packaging as they are made of 100 percent green packaging. This type of material does not leave harmful effects on the food and keep its freshness alive for a long time. The green packaging is preferred for food items because it is completely recyclable and does not pollute the natural environment as well. Apart from the recycling, this eco-friendly packaging material can also be decomposed easily in case if it is not recycled.

Economical packaging solution

This is another advantage that makes this type of packaging a perfectly suitable choice for those who have just started their food business and are looking for a cheap yet quality packaging. Since these containers can be recycled, they are not so much expensive, and they can be purchased from any online packaging manufacturing company that is trusted by the customers.

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