Columbus, OH, USA –March 14, 2019:

Fab Glass and Mirror has proudly announced that it is now offering top quality replacement glass in all shapes and sizes. This is a great news for all Americans because in case of a glass breakage of any kind, they can now order a replacement glass online with ease. Fab Glass and Mirror is one of the fastest growing glass and mirror companies in the United States and by making replacement glass available online, the company is basically helping its growing number of customers save time and money.

“Our customers can now order online 9glass with our endless glass replacement options in case of breakage of their any of glass item.” Said the spokesperson of Fab Glass and Mirror, while talking about the online replacement glass offered by the company. “For those looking for an online replacement for their glass table tops, replacement glass for patio table, coffee table glass replacement, or any other type of replacement glass, we are helping you find the right piece in the right size at the right price.” he added.

In addition, the company has made the ordering process for its replacement glass very easy through its website. The step-by-step process allows the customers to first select the shape of their replacement glass tabletop including other products, which also includes irregular shape of customized cut. Followed by that, they can select the dimensions, glass type, thickness, strength, corner finish and edging before reviewing their order summary to confirm their online order. This ordering process is a much simpler and cost-effective alternate to visiting a glass shop and that is why it is getting a phenomenal response from the company’s growing number of customers.

Based in Ohio and Florida, the glass making company operates nationwide and specializes in manufacturing and distributing of top-quality glass and mirror products. Moreover, by digitalizing this industry with its overwhelming online presence, the company is setting new trends in the home improvement industry. Fab Glass and Mirror currently offers wide range of glass tabletop products, mirrors and a variety of tempered, laminated, replacement and crackled glass along with acrylic glass and even salt lamps at surprisingly unbeatable prices as compared to the market.

“Our custom cut glass enables you to get the exact size and shape that you want for replacement and we ensure that your furniture or windows look exactly like they were originally made.” Said the spokesperson of Fab Glass and Mirror. “We have an effective online ordering system, warranty and guarantee policy, a strict quality control mechanism, and zero tolerance for compromising on the quality of our products, which is why our customers have shown their overwhelming faith in our products.” he added. The company has received more than 1200 positive reviews and testimonials so far, which is an amazing accomplishment indeed.

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