The jWallet is built on the same proprietary network that powers Jibrel’s decentralized protocol for trading and storing traditional financial assets such as currency, bonds, and equities through the use of CryptoDepository Receipts. These tokens represent the real world assets of investors, with the value being denominated by the Jibrel Network Token. These CryDRs are the backbone of Jibrel’s platform and set themselves apart by having “real world” regulations baked into them. These backend rules will help ensure investors stay within the realm of the law, even when dealing with the “wild west” of digital currencies.

The jWallet was built with usability in mind, and the mobile version of the site works well on both desktop and mobile. All user data, which includes imported and generated keys, is stored locally which keeps the information anonymous, while keeping it safe from prying eyes, as well. It should be noted that the digital token wallet is still in the Alpha phase, and it is recommended that users wait until the Beta before diving in too far with the wallet.

“There is a growing need for reliable, enterprise-grade wallet solutions, that deliver the highest levels of user-friendliness, without sacrificing security,” commented Victor Mezrin, Chief Technology

Officer at the Jibrel Network.

The Jibrel team are no strangers to financial securities, with many of the team members having an extensive background in leading management consultancies like PwC, Oliver Wyman, and Deloitte. Their advisory board is also stacked with both thought-leaders and industry pioneers such as Don Tapscott (Thinkers50, Blockchain Revolution) and Eddy Zuaiter (former COO Soros Fund).

Having recently completed a successful pre-sale of their Jibrel Network Token, JNT, the company is getting ready for their full ICO on November 27th. The pre-sale raised over $3 million, with proposed funding well above that number. In total, the Jibrel Network sold almost 20 million of the JNT tokens that will help bolster Jibrel’s presence while instilling faith in the platform before the main ICO launch.