Mobile TV apps are increasing day by day, choosing one now seems uneasy. When we look around us, on Google play store and other resemblance, there is a growing TV app series, but few of them are reliably worth the download let alone of buying.

You may need a companion to keep your day filled with exhilarations or want to have a night mixed with sleep and movie excitement. Just when you need all these, getting a mobile TV app becomes a necessity.

Let’s see which is which among the mobile TV apps.


Netflix is home to many TV films and programs. With your tablets or smart phones, once you have membership access to Netflix, you are in for unlimited permission to watch different Netflix programs.

The programs are not what you usually watch on your local TV. They are selected to make you stay current and more above others who do not have access to Netflix.

While the platform is home to favorite shows you will not want to close your eyes to, it is also a selection of outstanding movies ladies trip for during the day and at night.

Hulu With Live TV App

Hulu is not free despite joining the league of mobile TVs recently. The platform goes for $39 / month.

Hulu is progressing rapidly, and it is adding to the service it renders continuously. The mobile TV platforms boost of over 50 cable and broadcast channels. The platform is a mixture of entertaining programs and movies you cannot resist.

A trial of what Hulu, a new platform, offers to convince new users for the fact that is performing above what is expected of a new comer in mobile TV leagues.


Unlike all other prominent apps, crackle is free with all the additions that come in almost every time. Crackle offers thousands of TV series for users on the go without paying a penny in return.

High resolution and mind captivating movies are contained in this app, just like cinema films. Reviewers mention that Crackle is excessively handsome and has more future protruding it above other TV mobile apps.

Sling TV App

While Sling is for the boys who enjoy sports and news update, it is said to be less expensive because its monthly subscription of 28 Channels is $20 / month.

On Sling, you have the opportunity to watch Travel shows, Food Network, Comedy, some other Cable Network, CNN, ESPN, among other favorite channels.

Nu TV Network app

Nu TV Network App is going to be a better option when released because the platform is already performing wonders on its current Apple TV and Roku Tv channel “The Nu TV Network” branded “The Nu.” Nu TV will be evolving “Nu Exclusive” in its new fall series.

The Nu has award winning series, festival winners, among other top web based series. It contains Here’s 2 The Throne and The Professional Chiller which are to be aired every DoOrDieFriday alongside jaw-dropping comedy series. The app would be released on Labor Day Weekend.