Giving a dip introduction of what you sell is a marketing means that you should not for go. You need to move far ahead of your competitors using all means available.

You should have been seeing how people market their products or how they briefly introduce what they are into using animated explainer video. Are you thinking of making yours?

Then how do you make a significant explainer video that makes your potential buyers understand what you sell without mistaking any of what you offer?

In making animated explainer video that portrays your firm and products, you need to consider the following:

#1 Write A Script

The first thing you need is a script. Just like acting, explainer video requires a short but all-encompassing script. In the script, inform your customers of the ins-and-outs of your firm, tell how you aim to help and give lasting solutions to their perceived problems. If your scripts find it hard to detail that, then your explainer video is not worthy of being watched.

#2 Make It Punchy

I recently interviewed a bigwig explainer video company when I needed an effective explainer video for a startup. What I noticed after the video was designed was that the animated explainer video was short. I thought it needed to be increased. Then I sat to check what it does not container about the firm. Sincerely, I could not find one despite the shortness of the video.

Pitching your products do not require using hours, in just a few seconds, you can tell viewers why you feel your products are excellent for them to use without finding a subordinate. Try to make it as punchy as possible.

#3 Don’t Be Too Serious

You do not need to be too serious in your animated explainer video. Introduce some funs, these will make your customers not forget certain features of your products. However, do not base your explanation on jokes and unnecessary discussions.

#4 Avoid Ambiguity

Explainer video does not require excessive explanation, and it still does not dictate vague statements that will keep viewers in suspense.

While talking about your potentials, do not over-flog or appraise your capacity too high that your customers will think you can do what you are not capable of doing. Tell viewers your reach, how you intend to solve their problems.

#5 Go For A Good Design

A good visual makes viewers understand your firm better. You need to go for a well-designed explainer video that will give your customers an excellent overview of your work. With this, they can bank on you any moment.


An animated explainer video is a good way of marketing your product, startups and big companies employ this means to get the attention of customers