Growth is a lifetime event and should not be played with, for once. You need to communicate your customers and give them up to date information about your business and how they can get going with you without any stress.

When you need to do this, you can employ any of these streaming services. They stand to help leverage a good relationship between you and your customers.


According to Alexa rank, Youtube has a global rank of 2. The platform is a big business for marketers and firms wanting cheap traffic. Live streaming on YouTube is pure, but your account should not have been restricted in the past 60 days.

To use this platform for live streaming, click on select live streaming in the creator studio tools. Youtube gives an advantage for mobile live stream, but you must have at least 10,000 subscribers plus before you can use.

This platform offers a clean live stream and has better options that make the streaming impressive. Youtube streaming comes with a clear sound and video.

Facebook live

Facebook has a growing number of users, and no doubt, it is the most used social platform today. The Facebook live stream is free and unique, your followers and friend can easily follow your stream without stress. With just a single tab, you can open your Facebook Live and connect with your friends in a jiffy.

Reviewers say it does not consume much data and comes with a clean video. If you are looking for a good platform to live stream, why not use Facebook to enlighten your customers on what your firm is up to. It also comes with a clean sound and video.


SoundCloud allows users to stream, and share audio.

Artists from around the world have a very significant presence on this platform. If you want to connect people especially lovers of music, you can use Sound Cloud as a medium. Some people do buy sound cloud followers to get adequate fans.

“10 years ago SoundCloud was just an idea Eric, and I bounced around. Today it is a platform essential to the shaping of songs, artists, genres and global culture. I cannot fathom how we have been so lucky as to create that,” says Alexander Ljung Founder and Chairman of SoundCloud.

The future on SoundCloud keeps increasing. “But what’s even better is this: we are all just getting started. The first ten years are done, and now we are onto decade II,” Alexander Ljung added.


On Netflix, you have access to live stream and watch millions of films on any device. You can use this fast growing platform to increase followers and keep your clients abreast of happenings in your firm.

These live stream platforms are good for marketing and can help your business grow in a concise time. It comes in audio and video package, but not free.