Crowd shopping is a new concept that is revolutionizing the way we shop.

Today’s old-fashioned concept is dated: retailers hold stocks of various branded and unbranded goods in large quantities and make every effort to look for a buyer who can afford to pay the price in full for a single order and businesses then must repeat the process while stock lasts. So a successful deal requires two key elements: the buyer must have interest in shopping for that particular item and the purchase price in full. Allyos’s fresh crowd shopping concept turns it around by sourcing one product that many people would love and want, then sets a fair retail price and a time limit on the deal and collects a pool of potential buyers with only 1 dollar in hand.

The creative professionals of Allyos have brought the Allyos application into life that brings crowd shopping right to your fingertips in a sleek and user-friendly format.

Users on the app are able to opt-in on big-ticket items like cars, jewelry, tech, travel, services, gift cards or homes. The amount you opt-in with is the amount you pay for the desired item. Imagine, purchasing the latest iteration of an Apple iPhone for only $1. The app ensures equal opportunity for every shopper to get in on a deal by blocking “in” users from adding more money for an hour on the same item. Regardless of how much money a shopper has to spare, everyone will enjoy an equal playing field and have the same opportunity to score on deals until they are on offer. Any deal can be joined for $1 and despite that there is always one person who gets the item, the others will benefit from discounts starting at 2% and building from there.

Allyos not only does ensure an equal playing field for the users by the implementation of time limit but offers an outstanding opportunity for businesses. By allowing several buyers to get in on a deal, businesses are able to quickly move stock, sell products on the ideal price, easily get rid of overstock, get new customer network, get a huge number of interested buyers and find out their most wanted products on the market. What’s most important is that Allyos does not pressurize suppliers for price concessions as every listing on the app is displayed at a fair retail price and offers up-front payment for every order. This way suppliers are able to maximize their profit, make volume sales, able to focus on quality, get more customer direct feedback, don’t risk or move around their stock, expand their business and create more jobs.

The Allyos application combines shopping bliss with philanthropy for a magical new experience. The app comes with integrated charity features, every week a new charity will be chosen by users and 1% of the total sales of the week will be donated to them. With big-ticket items and multiple sales per day, these organizations could be seeing thousands of dollars coming to their way as a result of purchases made through the app so even when a user pays $1 for a deal, they could be helping raise hundreds for the chosen charity.

So what could be more thrilling than purchasing a $72,000 car for as little as a dollar? This thrill is one reason why Allyos is more than a crowd shopping application. It will become a system of living that allows any users to change the way they spend money. With just $1 to opt-in on any deal, users have the potential to change their lifestyle and live luxuriously. The beautiful format and simple design ensures that users will be able to easily catch deals of interest, while search features and categories make it easy to do more than just browse.

And there is more.

The application holds a lot more hidden surprises for the users. One of the most interesting features is the opportunity to advance levels. Upon reaching level two a restricted section will become accessible, packed with rare items and collectibles. Climbing up the ladder will reveal more features, including an option to earn a living in an easy way just by using the application.

Allyos’s crowdfunding campaign is about to go live in a few days on Indiegogo. During the campaign new users will be offered with exclusive deals, solely available for Indiegogo backers. 35,000 new users will be allowed to join at this time. Thanks to the crowd this will allow everyone to get a new home, a sporty car or even a vacation, anything one might dream of. A lot more to learn about the application and the idea behind on their website or their social media pages, their tutorial videos can be watched on YouTube. Free pre-orders are accepted, this ensures that no one will miss out the launch date of the crowdfunding campaign and can stay tuned for insider info on this highly interesting innovation.