One of the things that nearly everyone wishes to own is gold, as it is considered to be quite precious and valuable. Women dream of buying and wearing extravagant gold jewelry and ornaments. Before the advent of paper currency, gold was considered as the standard choice of currency. Today even, in many countries, a gold standard is used where a country’s paper currency is directly linked with gold. The gold standard allows a country to convert its currency into a fixed amount of gold. In many countries, the gold standard is fixed at a price, and the gold is bought and sold at that price.

The fixed price is also used to determine the current value of the currency.

In ancient times, gold coins were used, and the value of gold was based on the value of the metal and the country with most gold was considered the most wealthy country. A gold coin is a special coin which is completely made from gold and has a particular value. Many of the gold coins made after 1800 used to comprise of 90% to 92 % gold which equates to 22 karats, while there are many gold bullion coins today that are considered to be made purely from gold such as American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Britannia. The gold coins are also made by mixing different other metals such as South African Krugerrand and American Gold Eagle they have 91% gold and rest 9% is some other metal such as copper or silver.

Bullion coins are special coins that are made from precious metals and have a certain value, which is generally used for investment purposes. Bullion is a term used for gold and silver that is entirely pure, with 99.5% purity and kept in the form of gold or silver bars or coins. The gold and silver coins are popularly referred to as bullion coins and many countries produce their bullion coins. Gold coins serve as a collectible item for common people and investors buy gold coins to seek profit.

Gold coins have always been used as a symbol and source of wealth but with paper money, some of its utility was lost and widespread use of currency as a method of exchange has turned gold coins only as an investment opportunity. The true value of gold bullion coins is seen at times of financial uncertainty as the gold coins keep their value over time. The bullion coins are usually given at face value but the price is lower than the actual amount of the gold that makes up a coin.

The conventional paper money is tangible and fluctuates nearly every day while there is certain relief and in buying and investing in gold coins. The advantages of buying Gold coins Beaumont are

  • The significant value of gold always remains high even when other investment options decline
  • Gold is the best investing options against rising inflation
  • Gold is easily transportable
  • The density and high value to weight ratio of gold is higher than any other metal
  • Gold is probably the only metal that can be distributed into smaller units, or can be melted to form gold bars, and it does not affect the true value of the gold
  • It is difficult to counterfeit gold
  • Gold is the least reactive of the metals and does not corrode or lose its appearance over time
  • In times of currency devaluation, you can gold coins when buying or selling.

The bullion coins today are valued according to the mass and purity as compared to face value as that of money. The vintage gold coins are collected due to their numismatic value (the activity of collecting coins or paper money) but investors consider the modern bullion gold coins as the best option of having value against inflation. Gold bullion coins mostly come in specific sizes which include 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce., 1/10 and 1/20 ounce. There are countries where one design of gold coins remains the same while there also countries that give variety in the design of gold coins.

To buy gold coins, you have to contact a reputable and expert gold coins dealer or a financial company that deals with the buying and selling of gold bullion coins. The US gold coins come in certain denominations, which include 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce. You will pay a premium over the price given per ounce when you buy the gold coins; this is how the dealer will get a profit.

You may have to pay a higher premium if you look to buy gold coins less than an ounce. When buying gold coins, you should look to buy gold bullion coins of American Gold Eagle, South African Krugerrand, and Canadian Maple Leaf.

The collectible gold coins sell at a high premium as compared to bullion coins and the price is dependent on different factors. If you have little knowledge about numismatic coins, then you should only look to buy gold bullion coins. You should get a safe or locker at the bank and keep the gold coins in them if you want to avoid any theft from your house.

Investing in either gold coins, stocks, or other financial options is always risky and requires careful planning and research. While buying gold bullion coins, you need to be aware of the storage costs, whether it is in your home or a safety deposit box in the bank. You also need to be aware of the secondary market where dealers sell the gold coins at high premiums. Bullion coins are not considered rare and their value is calculated by multiplying the gold content with the price. The numismatic coins, on the other hand, are rare and collectible. The reasons that you should avoid buying numismatic coins are

  • High premiums and transaction cost

The transaction costs and premiums for buying the gold coins are considerably higher than bullion coins or bars. Many of the customers are usually played by different dealers in the form of huge markups

  • No tax advantages

There are no tax advantages on buying or investing in gold coins

  • Hard to find buyers and sell

One of the stressful situations is finding the potential buyer who you can sell your collectible coin. The search for a person who can give you profit for a collectible gold coin is rare when the economic conditions get tough.