Bitfinite Lending: Things You Should Know About BFC

As the world moves forward and the awareness about bitcoins grows, more and more people are likely to become interested in cryptocurrencies. Among dozens of cryptocurrencies that have become popular lately, one is Bitfinite Coin. Anyone can now invest in Bitfinite Coin or commonly known as BFC. It’s quite new in the cryptocurrency industry and solely based on decentralized self-regulated Blockchain technology.

What Should You Know About BFC?

Bitfinite is a new lending platform that’s gaining huge popularity in the cryptocurrency world at the moment. It allows investors to buy coins, and loan these coins out, and earn a daily interest on the calculated value of the loan (in $). A daily interest is consistently paid out over the invested amount. If one compares this to the current monetary system, it’s quite shocking how much more interest a lending platform such as Bitfinite pays rather than for example a bank.

Bitfinite Lending

The important question is how new investors can join the Bitfinite lending program. The lending program is the Bitfinite’s ‘flagship’ so to speak.

The Bitfinite Bitcoin Price Trading and Volatility Software generates the interest for their lending platform. Their Trading Bot measures the statistical dispersion of returns for Bitcoin trading index and aims to ensure investors are provided with an ROI of about 45% monthly. Every day, an interest rate is calculated over the invested amount in dollars.

The lending program provides a safe investment opportunity for those who want to gain profit with the platform. First, new investors can sign up for an account. After that, the only thing needed is to deposit Bitcoin.

Ethereum or other Cryptocurrencies will soon be added to the platform. After the successful funding of their account, investors can buy BFC from the exchange which will open soon. With the BFC (Bitfinite Coin), they can then loan out their coins at the current price.

When the lending lock period is reached, the investor can opt to terminate the loan or continue to receive interest until the end of the chosen lending period. After the lending lock, the investor can decide to stop the loan at any point.

The lending is a remarkable feature of this upcoming cryptocurrency industry, as this allows new investors having insufficient knowledge of the industry to earn quite a significant passive income by choosing to lend out their coins.

The internal exchange will open approximately 29 January 2018 which is a week after the lending has been opened. Investors can then buy coins and lend their coins at a price that’s very likely to be higher than when the lending initially started.

Soon, investors will also be able to trade their coins on middle-level exchanges such as, and many more.

One has to admit the fact that no one can guarantee the listing of such a coin on an exchange. The unique strategy of Bitfinite is their approach. Besides, this platform has a customer-oriented approach as well as profitable and attractive investment opportunities at all levels through different approaches.

Bitfinite Initial Sale

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was scheduled to run for about one month. It started on 18th December 2017, and due to the extreme demand, the coins (5 million) were sold out in a total of approximately 4 hours, divided over 5 ‘stages.’ Bitfinite will soon launch an internal trading exchange where new investors can still get the BFC coin at a relatively low price.

The transactions on this Bitfinite Blockchain are processed at high velocity and ensure complete anonymity. The total supply is 21,000,000 BFC (BitFiniteCoin), out of which, 5,000,000 BFC has been sold to investors during the crowd sale. The price ranged from $0.75 to $1.15. Their coins are sold out. However, this is not the total count. The rest of the coins are going be mined by the community.

What can be expected of the BFC price?

Investors can’t be sure about this. One can only make predictions by looking at how they have conducted themselves. Given the current market scenario, $10-$15 per coin within a few weeks is very reasonable. The price can range from the low end to high end.

Bitfinite Targets

These targets were completed by the end of 2017:

  • Registration starts
  • ICO Crowdsale starts (sold out)
  • Ux/Ui/Security Upgrades

In Q1 of 2018, among other things, the following will happen.

Their lending platform will start, their internal, and external exchanges will launch, and they’ll release their mobile wallet.

Uniqueness of Bitfinite

The question is what differentiates Bitfinite from other platforms that are similar to it.

Apart from the lending and staking option, Bitfinite is going to introduce two new features that will create a constant demand for the coin and ensure stability.

Lottery Crypto platform – We don’t know much about this feature, but it can be assumed that it’s going to be into the casino style. Investors can multiply their earnings by playing the lottery.

Crypto-marketplace – This project is a platform where one can buy and sell practically anything with cryptocurrencies.

The lending periods – the introduction of the ‘lending lock’ is entirely new. Instead of having an investment stuck for a long time, one can now opt to close the loan after half of the lending period has been completed. This provides more security to the investment.

Conclusion – Bitfinite

Everything seems to be quite good in this project. It deserves attention. Another aspect is that there is a high potential to get profit on this platform. One should not miss the chance to invest in this project in our opinion. The only thing new investors need to do is buy Bitcoin, and use that to buy Bitfinite coin. After that, they can start their lending right away. We can only encourage one to invest in these kinds of projects as they provide a passive income for people that know little to nothing about the Crypto industry.

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