Website Designing Tactics to Enhance the User Experience

A study conducted by Microsoft revealed that an average person loses focus after 8 seconds. Incidentally, the attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds which means that if a website doesn’t capture its visitor’s attention within 8 seconds, then the visitor would bounce off.

Website design plays an extremely important role in ensuring that a visitor’s attention is captured. Website designing can enhance or downgrade user experience which would ultimately impact your visits, leads and ultimately business. However, marketers and web designers often end up missing out on crucial elements which can contribute to an elevated user experience.

Here Is A Nifty Checklist That Would Be Helpful:

Keep It Simple:

One of the common mistakes that business owners often make is including too many features on their website. The best website designers know that it is best to keep the website simple and clutter-free. 

This allows the user to navigate easily and the website to be quick. Keeping it simple should be one of the most important tactics when availing of web design services in India.

Compatible with Mobile:

As of October 2020, less than more than 50% of users are using mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets rather than laptops. 

Not being optimised for mobile can heavily impact the user experience. Users may not be willing to come back and would prefer exploring a competitor’s website. 

Therefore website designers and business owners must give substantial importance to mobile optimisation and take it into account while designing websites.

Ask for Minimal Information:

 Data is one of the most important parts for business owners and entrepreneurs to collect. While such data helps the entrepreneurs in designing their products as well as optimizing their websites, they must be careful about not asking too much. 

A website form must consist of only the most basic data which can allow the business owner to contact such customers. 

Many times, website forms are too long. Such forms are a sure-shot way of chasing customers away from your business instead of towards yours.

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Optimize the Important Pages:

 Every business owner would want to prominently display their products or their clientele to attract other customers. It is prudent in such circumstances to ensure that such pages are optimized for the users to be able to access them quickly. 

This will allow the customers to view your most important content quickly and make them want to spend more time on their website. 

The only thing more annoying than COVID-19 in 2020 is slow websites. According to Crazy Egg, a single second delay in page loading can result in: 

Page optimization is one tactic that your agency should suggest if it is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the area.

Make A Careful Selection of Font and Colours:

Font and colours are a few of the basic selections for a website but make the most impact. An awful colour combination, inappropriately selected font or improperly sized font can disturb visitors and keep them away from your website for a long time. Enhancing these aspects will ensure more screen time for your website from customers.

Websites have become a pivotal part of a business in the current era of digitalization. Website designers, marketers and business owners can use this checklist while designing their websites. It should be kept in the mind of the business owners without a good website it is not possible to gain traffic and revenue for your business website. However, it is vital that they also keep testing out multiple features and keep adopting them as per consumer preferences. Until and unless you don’t try it out the advanced features on your website, you don’t get the desired results on which you are focusing on.


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