Entry test preparation is now a few clicks away. Online preparation has removed all the barriers for the students who are facing problems regarding entrance exam preparation. Online preparation techniques are catching the attention of innumerable students. Many of the students are daily signing up for online preparation.

Online entry test preparation presents student with numerous benefits. Few of them are given below:

Possession of Power to make your own study plan

Online entry test preparation allows the student to create his/her own study plan according to his strengths and weaknesses. It is one of the big benefits of online entry test preparation that every student can learn by his own way. Making one’s own study plan can benefit him/her in different dimensions of preparation.

•    Students can give maximum time to the subject in which they are weak.

•    They can make schedule according to the availability of their time.

•    The students possess the power to edit or update the schedule, if something unexpected occurs.

•    They can secure better marks and can get admission in relevant institute easily.

•    Productivity can be enhanced to a great extent.

For entry test, time is important as students get only 3-4 months for preparation. By creating their own schedule, they can utilize their maximum time in the things which matter a lot for the entry test.

24/7 availability of Learning material

Learning material is available 24/7 for students to consult whenever they need. Online entry test preparation sets free a student from the following worries:

•    Reaching the academy on time

•    Missing a valuable lecture

•    Missing a test

Students can get the following benefits due to the availability of learning material:

•    Able to watch video lectures as many times as they need.

•    Full access to the reading content 24 hours a day

•    Build the concepts by learning again and again.

•    Check out their performance anytime.

Entry test demands a lot of preparation as it is different from general course preparation. Availability of learning material benefits students to polish their concept and revise it as many times as they want. TopGrade.pk provides the entry test students with all of these benefits with different and unique teaching methodology.

Flexibility of time

The screen allows the student to study anywhere, at any time. Unlike academy, timings are not fixed for online preparation. A student can log into his account and study whenever he wants and as long as he desires.

No need to wake up very early

With the flexibility of time students don’t need to get up early in the morning as they do for the academies. Online education serves with this benefit also to study at morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night or in midnight. All a student need is to just scrutinize the routine and find the best time to study as long as he has internet connection.

No need to leave your co-curricular activities

You need not to be a book-worm to prepare for the entry test. You can also spare your time for co-curricular activities in your daily time schedule and you can change it accordingly. Students can go around wherever they want without any worry about the study time. Due to online entry test preparation study and other things can stay in the same bucket.

Saves Money

Online entry test preparation also benefits your pockets. This not only saves the tuition fee of the students but also the additional charges they have to pay.

Save up to 70% tuition fee

A handsome amount of money can be saved by the students which can lessen the burden from parents’ shoulders. Online entry test preparation can save up to 70-75% tuition fee. So, those students who can’t afford academies can now prepare their test in a very affordable fee with limitless benefits.

Most of the time online portal offers student all in all within the same package, unlike academies. TopGrade.pk offers numerous services to the students with the least amount providing the best quality. It is a golden opportunity for the entry test students.

No travelling cost

The students need to travel zero miles for online preparation. Hence, it saves money which students waste in travelling.

No accommodation cost

No place is better than home. The students only need to stay at their home and study without moving from one place to another. No need to accommodate a hostel or some other residence for entry test preparation. Internet and screen are enough for the entrance exam preparation.

No mess/food charges

When a student does not have to leave his home for entry test preparation, then obviously, there are no extra charges. Mess charges are zero in case of online entry test preparation.

It is necessary for every student to take admission in a reputed college/university to secure future. But because of the high fees, it has become a way to depicting status to study in a well-reputed academy. However, online preparation is turning the table.

Saves your precious time

Online preparation saves a student from many hustles. Particularly, it saves a huge amount of students’ precious time. For entry test preparation every second counts. 

The time of entrance exam preparation is crucial for every student. So every student must save his/her maximum time for study. One of the biggest reasons due to which students are going for the online study is, time. Saving time was one of the major issues in the past but this issue exists no more. The digital study is serving the needs of students in the best possible way.

No time wastage in travelling

Studying at home demands no travelling. Therefore, it automatically saves time. Online preparation allows the students to utilize their maximum time. Wastage of a second due to needless things is not an option anymore. Now, the students are able to put all of their focus on study. In this way, they can be more focused and determined.

No time wastage in learning what student has already learned

Studying online benefits students in multiple dimensions. Via online study student does not have to stick or to follow some academy schedule. It allows the student to learn according to his S.W.O.T analysis. Academy forces student to obey its schedule but online education does not. This feature is very notable and effective for entry test preparation.

Less stress

Taking stress by the students during entry test preparation is a common phenomenon. Most of the students could not qualify the exam because of the stress they take on their nerves. However, online education facilitates them in every aspect and minimize their stress. No stress of money, time wastage, material availability, missing lecture, weak concepts and so on.

Online preparation keeps student sane and less panic. When a students know that learning material is always available and they have maximum time to study and to focus, then the stress is minimal. Watching video lectures and giving the test, again and again, makes student confident and less stressed.

Every student gets his own attention

By taking online lectures students don’t need to acquire teacher’s attention. Every student feels himself nearer to the teacher and can watch lectures over and over again. This also helps in reducing stress. However, some students are not able to comprehend lectures in class due to many other students which create noise and disturbance.

Undivided attention during entry test preparation is necessary as every student needs to learn things with facts and logic behind every concept.


Entry test period plays a vital and sensitive role in every student life. Because it gives direction to the career path of a student. Therefore, the preparation of entrance exam has to be done cleverly. Online entry test preparation no doubt serves with many benefits. One big advantage of online preparation includes the accessibility to everyone around the globe.