In this article you will learn more about, a web site that enables people to buy and sell comics. You will also find out about the latest controversies and issues related to mangago, as well as the legal aspects of using this web site.

Legalities of using mangago

If you’re not familiar with mangago, it is a popular manga site that distributes manga comics for free. You can read mangas on desktop, mobile, and even through a Mangago app.

However, there are also some legalities to using this website. For example, if you are in a country where it is illegal to read manga, you may be at risk.

The editorial content on mangago is protected by copyright law, international treaties, and other applicable laws. Using mangago without permission can incur civil penalties and criminal penalties.

Some of the content on mangago is pirated. Although there are some manga publishers who claim that mangago is not illegal, it is illegal in certain countries. It is best to avoid using this site, if you are in a country with strict laws.

In the United States, mangago has 37% of visits. Other countries with significant number of mangago visits include the Philippines, Australia, France, and Canada.

The main purpose of mangago is to make money. You can download manga comics for free, but you need to pay for each chapter. This is why the website needs to buy licenses from manga creators and manga publishers.