How To Become A Competent Professional In Hospitality Management?

The term hospitality refers to a friendly gesture that is showed to guests when they visit a place. Hospitality management is a domain where the hospitality manager needs to oversee the day-to-day operations of a resort, hotel or restaurant. Enrolling for vocational training courses like Hospitality  management can equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge and open the door for a career in various fields. Hospitality Management involves study of the hospitality industry.

The role of a hospitality manager

At present, hospitality is one of the most important sectors which is also hugely varied. There are a number of roles one can choose from after studying Hospitality Management Courses in resorts, hotels, restaurants, beverages, catering, clubs and such other places. The role of a hospitality manager is to oversee the administration of hotels, clubs, casino, restaurant chains and such other areas. They need to ensure that the establishment is compliant with the legal rules and regulations. A hospitality manager needs to be passionate about tourism and should have a knack for understanding the industry.

In fact, they try to make the experience of the tourists better when they are staying in a hotel while on vacation. It is their task to explain about the lifestyle they can enjoy as a tourist while staying in a resort or hotel. They need to work all the time about launching new offers to be competitive and attract customers.

Their responsibility is to oversee the staff working in a resort or hotel. They should have effective brand marketing strategies. It is their responsibility to see that any issues the customer faces is addressed promptly. Their responsibility is to make sure that the hotel budget remains within the limit and take appropriate action in case of any emergencies that may arise like fire or intruders.

Steps to become a competent professional in Hospitality Management

To succeed in the hospitality industry, one needs to follow certain steps.

  • Earning a degree

The first step is to earn a degree through Right Training Courses in hospitality management. Almost all employers in this sector recruit hospitality managers having a recognized degree in hospitality management. On completion of the course, you will be competent to take the position of a senior manager in any functional area of the hospitality industry. Hospitality management courses lay emphasis on business management skills. A qualification will help you to deliver in different hospitality settings like hotels, motels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, coffee shops, cafes and catering operations.

  • Choosing a reputed institute

Choosing the right institute helps to achieve your career goals as they help you to choose the best courses including Hospitality short courses Perth easily, effortlessly and in a stress free manner. They also help you to choose the area of specialization. A reputed institute provides placement assistance and support for on job training through internships. You get the facility to browse by course, subject, location, qualification level and method of study. This allows you to find a course according to your choice and schedule.

  • Joining a training program

After you have the requisite qualification, you can join a Hospitality training program which will fast track your way. There are hotel chains that offer management training programs where candidates get exposure in their area of specialization. Sometimes the eligibility criteria may be quite strict and competitive.

  • Develop customer service skills

Basically, hospitality is about providing excellent service to customers that bring a smile on their face when they leave and have a longing to come back again. Whether you are looking after the entire hotel or in charge of a particular section, you need to ensure that customer expectation is met. When dealing with a difficult customer, you need to be polite and professional with a smile on your face.

  • Communication and language skills

A hospitality manager needs to have excellent verbal and written communication skills in addition to being diplomatic. When you choose hospitality management as your career, you should have flair to sell the services of hotels and resort chains. Besides communicating with your guest, you need to deal with the staff on a regular basis and motivate them and assign tasks. The hospitality industry is a diverse one, where you need to interact with guests coming from wide range of backgrounds.

  • Multitasking ability

To be competent in the hospitality sector, one must have multitasking skills. The hospitality sector is almost always hectic and one is required to handle several tasks at the same time. One should learn to prioritize task and manage time effectively. A competent hospitality manager should handle pressure and remain calm when there is a chaotic situation.

  • Addressing issues

Like any other industry, hospitality managers must also possess problem solving skills. A lot of issues may arise with guests all of a sudden that must be addressed to avoid any potential conflict. Any problems that customers face should be resolved at the earliest to maintain good reputation of the hotel.

  • Get professional certifications

Though this is not always mandatory, having a professional certification will allow you to stand out from the rest.

The Hospitality sector in Australia

Australia is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations of the world. According to Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) classifies hospitality sector as businesses that offer food and beverages and accommodation. This sector has witnessed a steady growth in Australia over the past 5 years. The growth is mainly attributed to factors like more tourists visiting the place, growing number of people getting involved in hospitality business, population growth and the growing “foodie” culture. It is estimated that the sector would generate 12% more employment creating 91,000 additional jobs over the next 5 years.

Since 2000, employment in accommodation has been reasonably stable. The employment level in this industry is expected to reach 114,700 by 2023. It has been predicted that by 2023, the hospitality industry will employ over 970,000 people. The food and beverage sector has experienced significant growth in the past few decades which is expected to continue.


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