There is a popular misconception about the term ‘Bollywood’. Most people regard it as a synonym for Indian cinema. However, the Indian cinema comprises regional movies from Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu besides Hindi movies and other North Indian movies (Bengali, Gujarathi, etc).

Being the largest film-making nation, over 2000 movies are produced in a year and you can always look for Tamil movie news latest details right online.

Moving forward, Netflix has over 120 million users from all over the world. Lately, Netflix listed some of the best picks from film industries like Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali among others. These regional film industries are on a battleground with Voot, Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar. With this competition getting hotter, here are the best Tamil movies available for streaming.

Mersal (2017)

Scripted and directed by Atlee Kumar, ‘Mersal’ features Vijay, one of the biggest stars in Tamil Cinema. Posing as Maran, Vijay is a doctor who declares a fight to kick off corruption out of the health sector. Maran is mistakenly arrested for the murder of Dr. Arjun Zachariah, his colleague. Maran later discovers that the real killer of Dr. Arjun is a doppelganger. Maran gets deep into the mystery to find the culprit behind the murder, a magician, Vetri. Maran and Vetri later realize they are estranged twin brothers and they join their skills to hunt down the brutal killer of their legendary father, ‘Mersal’.

Mr Chandramouli (2018)

This is the story of Raghav, played as Gautham Karthik, a talented boxer and his dad. Gautham wants to make it in the ring, eyeing onto a good sponsorship deal. Chandramouli, Raghav’s dad is always supportive of his son’s career but later entangles to an evil plan of a greedy business tycoon. The ill fated tycoon’s plan leads to the killing of Chandramouli and Madhu, Raghav’s love interest. Madhu is played by Regina Cassandra. Raghav is now hunting to find the mastermind behind the killings promising revenge at all costs. The revenge later draws down his boxing career.

Kabali (2016)

Kabali features Rajinikanth, one of the biggest superstars in Indian Cinema. Cast in the Diaspora of Tamil, ‘Kabali’ closely follows the tension between different races and social clans. The gang war between Kabali and Winston Chao played as Tony Lee, symbolizes the war between different social clans and races. Kabali is later a revolutionary figure fighting for the right of Malaysian Tamils but his plans are hunted and taken down by his enemies who jail him on fraudulent claim grounds. The movie later turns into a revenge drama after Kabali leaves jail to settle grounds with all that were involved in a conspiracy that saw his family being torn into pieces.

Billa (2007)

The gangster genre ‘Billa’ brings together Director Vishnuvardhan and Ajith Kumar, a Tamil superstar. Billa is an intertwined plot, set in the Bangkok underbelly in Malaysia. Ajith Kumar, playing as David Billa is an International Don with various enemies after his blood. Prabhu, playing as DSP Jayprakash is an Indian cop believed to be the only witness of a deadly accident that claimed Billa’s life. The officer comes across a small-town thief Velu and asks him to infiltrate the gang as Billa to leak information. All this time, the gang is unaware of the real don, Billa’s death. Velu finds himself in a death trap after being framed by the authorities for killing Jayprakash, the same cop who assigned him the infiltration role. The plot thickens and becomes trickier when a seductress who is after avenging the death of her brother falls for the doppelganger Velu.

Solo (2017)

This is an anthology of four different sections featuring South Indian’s heartthrob Dulquer Salman. Salman plays four different characters in the movie. The interesting plot structure is based on the elements of nature, Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth. Each of the elements is differently narrated with manifestations of Lord Shiva, the Indian God of destruction. The segments consist of poems connected to the four elements. The poems are preceded by a short graphic of Shiva.

Pa Paandi 2017)

This comedy-drama genre is a directional debut of Dhanush. Veteran actor Rajkiran plays as Paandi. The movie is a touching journey of a 65-year old man. The man is in search of his first love that broke up with him 40 years ago. The love story between the two unfolds in a Tamil village in a crispy flashback and memoirs.

Puriyaatha Puthir (2017)

This tense psychological thriller features Vijay Sethupathi, a sensational actor in the lead. The experienced Ranjit Jeyakodi is behind the directorial roles. The movie follows Vijay Sethupathi’s Kathir, a Chennai-based music director.  Kathir meets Meera and is smitten by love at first sight. Kathir and Meera start an affair which in no time plunges into a series of cybercrimes. Suddenly, Kathir starts receiving his partner Meera’s private photos from an anonymous source. Kathir has to find the culprits behind the viral images and videos. The stunning performance from Vijay Sethupathi keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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