The model also shared her favorite two dishes made by her pop star pal, including an out-of-this-world bolognese dish.

They say good cooks never lack any friends, and that is totally the case for Taylor Swift.

In a recent conversation with InStyle, Gigi Hadid praised her pop star pal for her “exceptional cooking” skills.

“Taylor Swift is an exceptional cook, and I love her,” the 27-year-old model shared in the interview published on Tuesday. “She also makes a really good bolognese sauce and a really good chili that I love.”

Hadid is no rookie herself when it comes to finding her way around a kitchen.

In 2020, the TV personality won Fox’s MasterChef Celebrity Showdown. She even garnered attention from the likes of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who called her burger recipe “fucking delicious.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Hadid, who has been best friends with the “Anti-Hero” singer for nearly a decade, also reflected on the “special moments” in the kitchen that help her “connect” with her friends.

“When you have friends that really also care about those special moments and the more intimate spaces and what can really come from putting an effort into making the time for that, I think that that’s when you start to find the friends that you really connect with, because you’re both working towards manifesting those really special moments,” Hadid said.

Hadid isn’t the only star to take note of the Grammy winner’s culinary talents. Paramore’s Hayley Williams also raved about Swift’s pizazz in the kitchen during an interview in February with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

“I remember when we were 19, and I was closer with Taylor Swift at that point because we both lived in Nashville, and we’re both experiencing our own versions of real success for the first time,” the rockstar recalled. “I went over to hang out. She’s a really good cook, by the way. She’s a really good cook. She has taught me how to make stuff that I did not retain at all.”

As far as what led to Swift’s love for cooking, the pop superstar gives all the credit to one of Food Network’s most influential chefs: Ina Garten.

While appearing on Food Network Magazine’s November cover to honor the 20th anniversary of Garten’s hit show “Barefoot Contessa,” Swift praised Garten for transforming her outlook on cooking from feeling “like a chore” to be “relaxing.”

“She made cooking feel like self-care,” Swift said at the time. “Ever since, cooking has been my escape from stress and one of the only ways I can truly calm myself on a rough day. I’ll always be grateful to her for giving me that.”