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Top 10 Television Dramas Of 2022

Top 6 Movies Where Characters Fight for Their Rights

The small screen industry of any country has more viewership than the big screen. This television industry has a penetrating impact on audiences becoming a habit and part of their routine lives. The drama industry has progressed a lot in the past 10 years with bringing content closer to daily life, raising taboo subjects, and also accepting the showcase of drama content from other countries.

Here we will list some of the most talked-about and awaited projects of the upcoming year 2022. 

Pakistani Dramas 2022:

The upcoming year will see a number of new and great projects in Pakistan. As pakistani dramas are loved and appreciated internationally, we are sure this list will be interesting and refreshing for the audience.

Top 10 Turkish Dramas Of 2022

Turkish dramas are being loved globally nowadays. Many Turkish dramas and series have been dubbed and telecasted in different countries. Below are the top 10 much-awaited Turkish dramas

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