5 Benefits of Silk Beauty

Out of all the fabrics available silk is among the most expensive. Silk has an attractive appearance and feel silky to the feel. Silk is also very durable and can be a symbol of prosperity.

These are all benefits worth mentioning, there’s more to talk about silk. It has real benefits for beauty that will make you appear and feel your most beautiful. Here are five that could be an unexpected surprise for you.

1. Keep Healthy Hair

Silk is available in a variety of types. The two most common uses of the fabric are bedding and clothing. The silk proteins are also found in a variety of cosmetics. If you’re using a hair product that has these proteins, or investing on silk beddings, you’ll benefit from the silk’s beauty benefits.

In the beginning, silk pillowcases can help keep your hair hydrated by retaining moisture. They are extremely absorbent and strip hair’s natural oils but silk pillowcases don’t. So, you’ll wake with less frizz.

Silk can also reduce the knots. Because it’s antistatic this material prevents hair from becoming knotted. Hair will slide easily onto the fabric regardless of how much you twist and toss.

Silk is also beneficial to hair when it is used as a constituent in products for hair care. Silk’s proteins aid in preventing breakage and damage to hair. Sericin, which is a protein that joins the silk strands is commonly employed in shampoo, conditioner as well as other treatments. The protein can help reduce hair damage, particularly when hair is colored.

2. Dry & Oily Skin

As we’re discussing the subject of silk pillowcases, let’s chat about how they affect your skin. If you put your head to sleep at night your face is touching the pillowcase. If you suffer from acne breakouts and aren’t able to understand why it is possible to switch to silk.

Because cotton is a material that absorbs it will soak up oily skin, as well as the ingredients that make up cosmetics. Over the course of the night, you’ll sleep on this substance. Bacteria build-up over time , and then be transferred to your face, which can cause acne-related flare-ups.

Silk, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which makes it ideal for people who have skin that is easily irritation. Dry skin is especially susceptible to irritation, making silk a great alternative for people suffering from dry skin. In contrast to cotton, silk won’t take away moisture from your skin.

Alongside silk bedding in particular, silk-infused products for skincare could also be beneficial to skin. Silk-based proteins are being researched and the results suggest that they can be effective in maintaining the health of the skin barrier. Products that contain silk proteins aid in hydrating and could even restore skin cells.

3. Wrinkles Prevention

It may sound odd it sounds, but silk does have anti-aging properties. This makes the silky fiber more attractive to beauty professionals all over the world. Because silk is slippery, it is less likely to cause tension between you and the silk pillowcase. By reducing the tugging on your skin, you will notice lesser “sleep creases.” The similar isn’t the case with pillows made of cotton. the friction experienced by sleepers when using cotton may result in wrinkles as time passes.

Another factor that causes wrinkles is dry skin. If the skin is dry, the skin cells that are otherwise plump shrink, causing wrinkles on the skin. As mentioned previously, silk is not adsorbent, which means it lets skin conserve its moisture. (It also means that your expensive anti-aging creams and serums will stay at your facial area and won’t transfer onto pillows.) This extra moisture can do great for your skin, improving the appearance of skin cells, and wrinkles.

In order to prevent wrinkles, it takes much more than the pillowcase made of silk, it’s nonetheless worth it. The reason for this is that silk is naturally a substance which doesn’t require chemical treatment to attain its softness. Although it’s an organic fiber is often processed with chemicals during the process of manufacturing. This makes silk the more healthy, non-toxic option. Silk does more than feelluxurious and luxurious; it could result in a more youthful-looking skin in the course of time.

4. Anti-Allergy & Bacteria

It’s possible that you don’t even know it, but a variety of things around your house can cause allergic reactions. This includes dust mites pet hair, chemicals molds and pollen to mention some. The last thing you need is to ruin a relaxing night’s rest due to allergic symptoms. Moving your bedding between silk and cotton may be an easy solution to avoid this.

Silk’s anti-allergenic properties make it a fantastic bedding material. Sericin, a protein in silk fibers is the reason it’s hypoallergenic. It is a natural allergen repellent such as dust mites and fungus that are likely to cause irritation.

What’s the advantage to your appearance, may ask? It’s true that waking up exhausted with bags of eyelids is not appealing. (They refer to it as “beauty sleep” for a reason!) If you’re not at your best due to allergies symptoms, you’ll not be doing your best.

5. Improve Better Sleep

In terms of the loss of beauty sleep The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that around 70 million Americans have problems in their sleep. However, sleep disorders can be due to more serious problems (e.g. sleep apnea, anxiety disorder, sleep apnea) and the way you sleep can also play a role. There’s absolutely no reason that your sleeping condition should be anything less than perfect. If you’re already struggling with sleep issues making small changes can make a big difference.

We’ve talked before about allergies and the ways that silk bedding can aid in reducing allergies. But allergies aren’t always the only reason why you may have trouble sleeping. It’s possible to feel uncomfortable cold or hot, which can prevent your body from falling asleep.

As a naturally-occurring thermal regulator, silk will ensure that you are comfortable all year whether it’s hot or cold outside. Because silk has the ability to wick moisture, it will keep your skin fresh and dry throughout the day. You won’t have to wake up in sweat! Consider bedding made of silk It’s a wonderful feeling and will make you feel extremely comfy. With its numerous benefits, it’s like everyone could benefit from some silk throughout their life. While it’s expensive however its durability and the myriad of advantages make silk worth the price. Why not pamper yourself? You deserve a bit of luxury in your life and silk is an excellent method to attain it.

These ideas are by Julia Ch page manager at BeautyCounter; she suggests not to over use silk for beauty purpose as this might be harmful.

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