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How to Wear a Jumpsuit – Styling Guide

Jumpsuits literally give you an outfit in just one piece, making them the absolute hero of modern style! If you’ve got one eye on a gorgeous designer jumpsuit collection and you’re not quite sure how you’ll style it, or you’ve got one sitting in the back of your wardrobe just begging to be worn, then you’ve come to precisely the right place! Here are a few inspirational jumpsuit outfit ideas that work for all shapes, sizes and styles! Read on for your jumpsuit styling guide…

First Things First…

Before you even start to think about styling, you really need to ensure that you’ve got a great fitting jumpsuit on your hands. Because of the ‘all in one’ nature of this piece, the fit is so important. Shop for figure flattering styles that fit you properly. If you’re on the shorter or taller side of the scale, don’t be afraid of shopping for a style that you love and getting it altered so it fits you like a glove. Finding the right fit really is more important than anything, so focus on it first, style later!

Decide on Formality

Next, you’ll need to decide on the tone that you want your outfit to have, and this is going to largely depend on the formality factor that you want to go for. Your bold, bright and eye-catching vibe might not fit too well with a day of professional meetings, whilst your favourite cocktail look isn’t going to work for a day by the beach. Determine how formal you’d like to go and start to style from there to avoid putting time and effort into a look that, ultimately, you just can’t get away with. Casual, formal or evening, decide on it first.

Work Around the Weather

The weather makes a huge difference to how you plan on wearing any piece in your wardrobe, but this becomes especially true when you’re styling a jumpsuit! Some seasonal styling ideas include…

Spring – Layer a sweet lace blouse underneath your jumpsuit and contrast the romantic vibe with a pair of plimsoles or sneakers. Accessorise with a leather clutch bag and your favourite sunnies, and you’re all ready to go out and enjoy the weather.

Summer – For an easy, breezy summer vibe simply pair your jumpsuit with some statement resin earrings, platform espadrilles and a silk headscarf. Hold onto a basket bag for a touch of French chic!

Fall – Navigate the midseason by layering a short sleeved white tee under your jumpsuit and adding an oversized leather jacket over the top. Step into some white sneakers, grab your favourite shoulder bag and add some gold chain jewellery for the perfect fall look.

Winter – Make your one piece work for winter by layering a thermal turtleneck underneath, adding a chunky knit cardigan, winter coat and leather boots. Finish with a scarf and a cosy beanie for extra snug points.

Accessorise Accordingly

Accessories make all the difference when styling! If you’re looking to invest in an all in one that’s going to work with all manner of accessories, looks and formalities, then you’re going to want to veer towards the block coloured, classic styles. You can switch up your timeless piece with your shoes, jewellery, bags and headwear, meaning that it will work for all your moods and occasions. The best thing about using accessories to change the vibe of a classic piece is that they are small, fun and relatively inexpensive. Use your add ons to express your personal style and reimagine your elegantly classic jumpsuit.

The Power of Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup aren’t exactly accessories, but oh wow can this make a huge difference to your outfit! Change the mood of your jumpsuit with statement smokey eye looks, dark lipstick, glittering highlighter and all kinds of creatively cool hairstyles! This is so useful when you want to dress up a look a little.

Are you ready to get styling that jumpsuit of yours, or to find the perfect fitting piece for you?

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