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Quick Tips for Buying a New Men’s Suit

Men’s suits are one of the complicated garments to purchase. Contrary to casual clothing, it is doubtful that you’d choose a suit off the rack. Apart from the fit, you also want to choose the right length, shades, and patterns.

Well, when considering a new suit for your wardrobe, make sure that you keep the following quick tips in mind.

Check the Fabric

Consider the purpose of your suit when going through the fabric choices available. For a business suit which you will wear regularly, consider wool blends as this fabric is more durable. As an example, you can look for wool and polyester mixes.

For occasion-wear suits, you can search for 100% wool suits because its finer yarns will give a more luxurious feel.

If you want to wear a suit repeatedly, buy a second pair of trousers that you may alternate with the jacket. With this, you can extend the life of your suit considerably.

Shoulders & Chest

The suit you choose should be sufficiently-wide so that it is comfortable for you to move in. The sleeves should also fall without breaking across your upper sleeve, without being so wide that your head looks small.

If the shoulders of your suit are too narrow, you can’t expand them. And the same applies to an extremely-tight chest, which is nearly impossible for a tailor to fix. So, in such an instance, you should choose a size up in a suit.

Lapel Notch Height

The suit should stay high enough on your chest to form an upward sweeping line. However, it should not be so high that it makes your coat appear as if it is pulling backward. Keep in mind the notch placement because it is a permanent feature that the tailors cannot change.

Moreover, a notch lapel is the most suitable choice for a formal or smart look for your business suit. The peak lapels are quite versatile and lend themselves well to a chic suit for any program such as a prom, wedding, or day at the races.

The Number of Buttons in Your Jacket

If you want to choose a single-breasted suit, you need to decide how many buttons you want. For example:

The Collar of Your Suit

The collar of your suit must hug the neck when your head turns, yet it must leave 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch showing. Be careful about the prole gap, where your jacket stays away from the shirt collar. It looks uncool and mediocre.

To sum up, an ill-fitting suit may make a poor impression and can be uncomfortable for you. So, look for an option in men’s suits that is well-fit, suitable for you, and blends well with your purpose.

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