What is Mini World? Download game Mini World Block Art for free

What is Mini World?

Mini World is a free 3D sandbox game , for players to unleash creativity and start an exciting adventure with friends. There are no levels or restrictions, just your freedom and creativity.

Mini World Block Art is a sandbox simulation game developed by Miniplay from China. The game has the same gameplay mechanics as Minecraft, bringing you to a world of magical blocks. Here, players can unleash their creativity and build their own works, so the game is also released in a free form.

Mini World Block Art revolves around the story of adventure, exploration and creation in a vast 3D world. Mini World Block Art offers a multiplayer mode that allows you to connect via PC and phone (Android / IOS) to continue enjoying the game anywhere and at any time.

In Mini World Block Art game, players will build houses, castles, cities, … based on their imagination or enjoy the fun of farming. If you get bored with the Survival mode, don’t hesitate but jump to another server and play some interesting mini games. Mini World: Block Art provides a lot of mini games from parkour, puzzle, shooting to strategy, … promises to bring you an interesting experience when trying out all types of games.

Possessing a graphic background built from blocks similar to Minecraft, but Mini World Block Art feels softer and more eye-catching. That is why the character is also designed to be cuter and much brighter.

Outstanding features of the game Mini World for Android

Giant sandbox world: Explore a vast sandbox world filled with unique monsters, blocks, materials and mines.

Unique game: Beautiful graphics with cute characters.

Cross-platform: Whether using an Android or iOS device, or sitting in front of a computer, gamers can play together.

Detailed game guide Mini World Block Art

Step 1: After downloading and installing Mini World: Block Art on your computer, click Start to start creating your new world.

Step 2: In the table to create a new world, click Create a new world to create a new world, click More Maps to download a new map.

In the map list you can select already made maps, press the green button to download.

If you create your own, you will have two modes: Survival and Creation (Creation), in the corner of Game modes screen you can edit your mode by clicking Settings.

In this table you can choose the difficulty option of the resources in the game …

Under Dev Mode is the resource option in the game, in this table you can choose the type of terrain, level of display of resources in the game, option to add animals, monsters in the game …

Step 3: If you create the hard mode (Hardcore mode), the level will be more dangerous, the game will end when you die, the monsters in the game will be stronger and appear more, you will hunger faster …

In the game you can see that the graphics of Mini World: Block Art are identical to Minecraft. There is a map in the upper right corner to help the character determine the direction, the health and hunger bar is displayed in the upper left corner.

Interface bag and also the place to create items, press B to open the bag, you will be equipped with a set of clothes, a wooden ax and an original wooden pickaxe for you to exploit resources, if you want creating item switch to the Craft tab.

Depending on the resources you have collected, the Craft section will display the items that you can create, just click on the item you want to create and click Make to create.

All created items will be automatically moved to each empty box in the item list as shown below.

In Creative mode, you are allowed to choose the available items without having to create, in this mode the character will not be damaged like in Survival mode, you can “jubilantly” with This mode is made with available items.

Want to get them into the toolbar you just need to click on the item you want to get, then move them to the box you want to place.

In the list of items available, if you see items in black and white, they are unencrypted items, and you cannot use them.

Now you can stress relief with what is in Mini World: Block Art, the default control mechanism of Mini World: Block Art is identical to Minecraft. So you do not take too much time to control your character smoothly.

Every time you exit, the system will automatically save you the previous game screen, later when you log in to play, you just need to choose your old game screen to continue.

With this Mini World Block Art tutorial, you will experience a completely new, more diverse and convenient Minecraft style with many utilities available in the game, in addition to the Single Player mode you can also Join the playing field with your friends via Multiplayer mode.

In addition, players also participate in many different game modes such as parkour, shooting, puzzle, strategy … promising to please any of the most demanding gamers.

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