13 Things To Give Up To Be Mentally Healthy

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Mental health significantly impacts a person’s psychological, emotional, and social well-being, and mental strength is crucial to how well they perform. It’s not to say that mentally strong people don’t experience pain or sadness; they do. But they do not waste their time or energy wishing things would be different. Instead, they train themselves to stay focused on their daily goals and manage their own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors accordingly.

Additionally, they put emphasis on improving themselves since there is always room for improvement. So, how do they remain so focused and resilient?

The key to being mentally healthy lies in guarding your inner peace. When you’re spiritually calm, you can learn how to deal with emotions and keep your inner demons at bay. While there is no standard formula for solving your everyday challenges, there are certainly some ways to learn how to deal with them.

1. They stay away from toxic people

How you think, feel, and behave depends on the people you surround yourself with. Getting involved with people who are dishonest, gossipy, bullying or cheating can be harmful to your mental health.

Mentally strong people do not waste their time trying to change toxic people. Instead, they establish emotionally and physically healthy boundaries and practice self-care.

2. They don’t rely on substances for emotional balance

If you continue relying on alcohol and drugs to function in emotional processes, it will soon become a dependence and lead to physical, mental, and spiritual damage. Drug dependence is a mental illness whose severity increases over time.

Addiction occurs when a substance is used, misused, or abused. People become entrapped in it when they lose emotional control. While it is not possible to cure addiction, you can certainly control it by seeking professional help. Rehab facilities like Vista Pines Health offer customized treatment plans for people with mental health concerns who seek better mental health.

A mentally strong person is not someone who has never fallen prey to addiction but someone who has found the courage to turn their life around and hasn’t shied away from seeking help.

3. They don’t indulge in self-blaming

Everything–from failed relationships to accidents–will alter your perception of yourself and the world around you if you believe it’s all your fault. Things go wrong sometimes, and you can’t always prevent them.

A mentally strong person takes responsibility for their actions. While they acknowledge that they have a responsibility for the choices they make, they also recognize that there are factors beyond their control, such as the economy, the weather, and other people’s choices.

4. They get out of their safe bubble 

Feeling good in life may seem as simple as staying within a safe zone, but avoiding discomfort is never wise in the long run.

People who are mentally strong face their fears, venture into areas they are not familiar with and push themselves to their limits. To them, being uncomfortable is tolerable, and being able to tolerate it is the key to living a better life. Hence, they allow themselves to be uncomfortable and experience it as it happens.

5. They avoid the victim mentality

When you think that the world and people around you intend to harm you, you won’t be able to give your best. Blaming external circumstances for everything in your life prevents you from taking responsibility for your actions.

Even if the circumstances are tragic, mentally strong people acknowledge their choices. They do not waste time talking about what they cannot control, nor do they indulge in self-pity.

6. They don’t live to impress others

Trying to make people like you can be a huge waste of time, but taking advantage of others’ admiration gives them power over you.

A mentally strong individual is comfortable in their own skin. They aren’t concerned about whether others approve of their choices. Instead, they emphasize the importance of living their lives in accordance with their values.

7. They aim for healthy goals

Having a goal of excellence is healthy. But striving for perfection is a difficult task. You’ll never feel good enough if you set the bar too high.

A mentally strong person accepts that they will fail and make mistakes. Their ability to recognize their flaws and weaknesses allows them to accept themselves.

8. They have no room for grudges

If you hold on to a grudge, you may think you are punishing the other person. It is only through clinging to anger and hatred that the quality of one’s life is reduced.

It is easier for mentally strong people to let go of grudges and devote their energy to more worthwhile causes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean they tolerate abuse. It only means that they do not let pent-up resentment rule their lives.

9. They aim for spiritual pursuits rather than materialistic pursuits

No matter how much money you make, there is no such thing as peace of mind when you have a bigger house, a nicer car, or more expensive clothing. Trying to satisfy your needs through material possessions will leave you sorely disappointed.

People with strong mental health are not necessarily minimalists. They appreciate nice things. But they do not expect their material possessions to bring them joy or provide a sense of satisfaction and well-being.

10. They don’t shy away from help

Having strength does not make you think you can handle everything on your own; having mental toughness does. Sometimes it’s important to ask for help.

Mentally strong people don’t shy away from admitting they need help. In times of need, they can lean on a friend, rely on a higher power, or ask for professional assistance. Knowing they don’t need all the answers gives them renewed peace of mind.

11. They are not hooked to social media

The constant consumption of news regarding others may create a sense of low self-worth, leading to anxiety and depression.

Keep your phone out of your room while you sleep, so you don’t spend too much time on social media. To replace scrolling sessions with meaningful activities, create a list of alternatives. Delete social apps from your phone or turn off notifications to avoid it.

12. They mend and maintain relationships

It is important to maintain strong relationships in order to maintain a healthy mental state. However, minor setbacks and disputes are common in any relationship.

Mentally strong people try to mend relationships. They understand people make mistakes because they are human. They forgive people because they know friendship can give meaning to your life and ease loneliness.

Additionally, they keep in touch by texting or posting funny memes regularly. They take time out to meet their family and friends. They make sure to keep the relationships thriving by keeping the lines of communication open and honest.

13. They do not run after happiness all the time

It is not a good idea to believe that you should always be happy; long-term satisfaction differs greatly from momentary pleasure.

A mentally strong person will put in the hard work it takes to achieve contentment. Indulging in temporary pleasures or instant gratification is not acceptable to them. To build a brighter future, they strive to establish long-term goals.

The bottom line

Your mental health largely determines the quality of your life. You cannot control many factors that affect your mental health, but you can improve your health by adding healthy habits to your daily routine.

You’ll find it easier to start small instead of undergoing a complete overhaul when adopting new habits—check in with yourself after making these changes to see how they worked for you.