Addiction is becoming a very widespread issue in our world today. Both the youth and old suffer the effect. In the society today, addiction has culminated into mental illness in some people. One wonders why the upsurge and why it has continued to become unmitigated.

From social media, internet to drug addiction, our society continues to suffer setbacks due to the seemingly unending problems created by addiction. While animals are addicted to oxygen and water, some humans are on the other end addicted to cigarette smoking among other drugs, which are more harmful than AIDS.

Today, different organizations have continued to work in curbing the societal menace addiction is protruding. Classical writer, Kurt Vonnegut, who smoked Pall Mall cigarettes until 85 years of age was affected by a concentrated head injury when he fell down a flight of stairs, said, “(smoking is a) classy way to commit suicide.”

In a bid to mitigate the menace, as said earlier, several organizations have pinpointed how to reduce addiction while also helping those who suffers from this problem. The healthcare division of Kanoria Foundation, an India organisation managed by a leading liver surgeon Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria to create de-addiction services in the nooks and crannies of the country.

The organisation, under the brand Suasth One Step, while proffering de-addiction services maintains that parents and peer pressures are the major enablers of addiction.

Meanwhile, many solutions exist for addiction. Below are some ways to curb addictions:

Tackle Peer pressure

Peer pressure is one of the main causes of addiction in the society. While parents are not aware of the problems coming from drug addiction, youths have suffered extensively at the hands of their friends due to the sense of wanting to feel among, sense of not being left out.

Peer pressures make youth and even old to be hoodwinked into doing a harmful act without thinking of its shortcomings.

To anybody suffering from addiction, the first thing is to fight peer pressures. It is the reason some people continue to drink, smoke for a long time.

Stop Overburdening Yourself

When people are overburdened at work, they seek the help of drugs to reduce the effect on their body. Avoiding too much work is an excellent means of reducing addiction, in fact, it reduces it to a large extent.

Visit Mental Clinic

Drug addiction is a significant problem that goes hand in hand with addiction or vice versa. Too much engagement in drug results in mental problems. In such case, visiting health clinic can reduce the problem coming from addiction.

Maintain A Good Hygiene

Good health will make your body system function appropriately. Medical experts say people result into taking drugs because one of their body systems is not working.

Addiction is a societal menace that should be tackled head-on. Society needs to collaborate with different organizations to fight the problem.