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Broken Ankle: What factors make you eligible for a claim?

Ankle in our body is one of the most used joint. This joint helps us to move our body, to balance our body and also help us to put the pressure while standing. However, any injury to his joint can be very painful and difficult to recover. These injuries are also common.

Most of the times, ankle injury happens due to the repetitive motion of the joint in everyday activities. While in some cases, ankle injuries can also happen due to the mistake or negligence of someone else. In this case, you can file a compensation claim against the liable party.

Types of Ankle injuries

The ankle has a complex structure made up of ligaments, tendons and numerous bones. The complex structure when combining with its weight-bearing functionality, it can lead to various injuries which can remain for a long time.

Any damage to the tendons, ligament or bone can disturb its functionality and movement. These injuries can be due to the sprain, strain, and twist while walking on the unplanned surface.

A sprained ankle can restrict your movement but should heal within a shorter, as compared to fractures and dislocation. The difference between major and minor injuries is the amount of time to recover completely.
All of the factors will be kept in mind when you accept a negotiation offer or compensation claim.

When you can and cannot claim compensation

After the accident, you need to consult with personal injury solicitor immediately. He can tell you whether you can file a compensation claim or not. You may not get the compensation if the accident is your fault. If the accident is due to your mistake, you may also be charged for te damage of others.

You could claim compensation if ankle injury were due to these accidents.

You have to make sure that you file a claim within the time limit. If the time limit exceeded, you might not get the compensation. The time limit to file the compensation claim in the ordinary case is three years after the accident. However, in complex cases, it can change.

Amount of compensation

You need to know that there is not a fixed amount of the compensation claim. You will get compensation according to the damage. To calculate the compensation you can check these steps.

Financial expenses

An injury to the any organ to the body can lead to compensation. This also depends on the severity of the damage and the loss of the movement.

The amount of the compensation also depends on the expenses you have spent on the complete recovery process. You will also compensate if the injury has damaged your job and financial condition.

Pain and suffering

The pain you suffer during the recovery period is inevitable. This pain can lead to various problems. Your compensation will also be increased if the suffering due to injury is increasing.

Social life damage

An ankle injury can also affect your social life. As you know, you are on complete rest, you can’t move your feet, and you can’t meet with others. This can cause damage to your family and social life.

Seek the help of a doctor

After the accident, immediately seek the help of the doctor. Record the accident claim in the organization’s accident book or call the police.

After this when you get the first aid, your doctor will check up your condition and will prescribe you more tests to diagnose more briefly. After the diagnosis, the doctor can choose the perfect treatment method for you, which he suitable according to the medical condition.

You need to know that ankle sprain can take a longer time to heal completely and if the accident has damaged your bone or caused you to fracture this may take months or years to heal completely. However, some injuries might need surgeries to recover completely or to fix the position of the bones.

Your physician will make a file according to the injuries and damage to your body. This file is valuable to claim compensation.

Seek the help of solicitors

When you know that you can report the compensation claim, you will need an experienced solicitor to pursue the case in the solicitor court. Only consult with professional personal injury solicitor Preston who has years of experience in the relevant injury field.

Solicitor can help to gather the evidence of your innocence. After this, your team’s task is to prove the mistake of the responsible party. If the other responsible party wants to talk with you, never arrange a meeting without consulting solicitor.

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