Sports therapy and physiotherapy – how different are these two techniques? And most importantly, which one should you be opting for?

Sports medicine Edmonton therapy is a special segment that has different objectives in comparison to mere physical therapy. Now, this does not make physical therapy any less important neither does that make sports medicine therapy an elite option. Both have different goals that they want to reach for and different targets to fulfill. Thus, here are the simple factors that draw a clear distinct line of separation among these two therapies.

The common ground

Before understanding the clear demarcation points, here are some of the common grounds which these two forms of therapy share:

Both of these therapies facilitate the wellbeing and recovery of the clients

Also, these therapies root from similar knowledge and aspiration.

The theory behind the working of these two techniques too are similar and you can expect the recovery time to be more or less the same.

In other words, you could say physiotherapy is the basic common ground from which athletic therapy Edmonton has been birthed.

Sports medicine Edmonton vs physiotherapy Edmonton

Physiotherapy is the birthing mother branch which has given rise to a number of specialized therapeutic subcategories – one of them happens to be sports therapy. Thus, sports therapy follows all of the basic principles of physiotherapy but, with a more focused derivative.

1. Client base

Physiotherapy functions with one strong motive – rehabilitation. This rehabilitation is progressed in such a manner that the clients can recover to the fullest possibility. Thus, one factor that governs this therapeutic approach is the requirement for a proper client base.

A sports physiotherapist Edmonton will be catering specifically to athletes. Or in some cases, even customers who, have faced any sports related ailment such as the golfer’s elbow or the student’s elbow can too come in to opt for such sports-related therapy regime.

On the other hand, physiotherapists Edmonton who simply provides an array of therapeutic rehabilitation services can take in clients suffering from general therapeutic conditions. Situations like these may be a frozen shoulder, rehabilitation post a surgery (but not a sports surgery like a meniscus tear).

2. Referral

You cannot avail sports physiotherapist Edmonton session if you are not referred to one for treatment. Of course, you can always head to the clinic for analysis or even for a consultation but not for a therapy session. For this purpose, you will require a reference from a medical supervisor or a sports medicine MD. This is because of the athletic nature of the injury.

Whereas, you can easily avail the services of physiotherapists Edmonton if the concern for your visit is nothing relative to a sports injury.
As you are heading down to the clinic, remember, the athletic therapy Edmonton is going to have a different chart of exercises dedicated entirely to enhance muscular power. This is done in order to benefit the clients who are from a sports background.