A perfectly toned healthy body is everybody’s dream but the journey to achieve the goal is not easy as it sounds. These days the ketogenic diet has gained much attention due to its very successful results. Ketogenic diet or keto diet is high fat with adequate protein and a low carbohydrate diet plan. The ketogenic diet helps the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates resulting in faster weight loss . The ultimate aim of the ketogenic diet is to keep up your body in a proper metabolic condition which is known as ketosis.

In general our bodies burn carbohydrates for producing energy but in keto diet as we restrict the carb intake in our diet, the body starts to burn down the stored fats producing molecules called ketones that acts as a fuel. To maintain a healthy ketogenic diet one must intake about 75% of fat, 10 to 30% of protein and not more than 5% of carbohydrates per day. To have a visible result one must restrict consuming process items and  unhealthy fats.

Some advantages of ketogenic diet:

  • It helps in weight loss.
  • It improves skin quality and reduces acne.
  • It improves heart conditions.
  • Improves any symptoms of PCOS.

Some disadvantages of keto diet:

  • By following a long term ketogenic diet plan increases the risk of kidney stones and osteoporosis.
  • It also results in increasing the blood levels of uric acid.

If not followed with proper guidance, a ketogenic diet may harm your body resulting in various negative side effects. Every body requirement is different hence having a custom keto diet plan is very important.

Common mistakes that can sabotage your fat loss process:

All the calories created are equal – In the game of fat loss, calories are a very important element. But your level of intake calories may be crucial. Consuming too much carb will not help in losing fat even after maintaining a proper calorie deficit. This will happen because carbs produce insulin hormone that can blunt the fat loss in two ways.

One, the elevated insulin levels help in  blocking the release of fat from the fat cells hence if the fat cells cannot release fat your body will not be able to burn off the extra fat.Two, the elevated insulin level causes the storage of energy that is found in your bloodstream to morph into the body fat cells which means, energy will not be burned off by tissues like muscles but instead of that it will snake its way around to places like your hips and your arms.

  1.  An unrealistic and overly restricted diet – In the journey of weight loss will power acts as the strongest key. But having a restrictive diet can manipulate your willpower resulting in the increase of cravings it will lead to bring the exact opposite of what your goal is. A restricted diet will result in success in the beginning but it gets tougher to continue. Unnecessary restrictions are not necessary if you have a proper diet plan.
  2. Extreme calorie restriction can provide you the metabolism of an old lady – having a sivia calorie deficit can screw up your physiology. Your body has the least idea about the goal that you want to achieve hence by starving yourself your body thinks that you have no food. This results in your body metabolism to restrict you from losing weight. It stores as much food as possible when you stop dieting.
  3. Not being in lack of calories – it is often heard that losing weight and keeping aside the calories is all about controlling the type of food that we intake. The first step to become fit is not allowing your body to enter in a calorie deficit state. Consuming more calories than you can burn will result in weight gain but if you consume less calories than you can burn will result in weight loss.

Avoiding these mistakes and following the keto meal diet plan customised according to your body requirements can help you achieve your body goals easily.

How keto diet plan works:

In keto diet the eating style demands consumption of more protein and high amount of dietary fat and less amount of carbohydrate. Intaking low carbohydrates will put you in a condition called ketosis. Under regular conditions our body depends on glucose which is the stored form of carbohydrate hence, when you minimise your carb intake the availability of glucose will reduce and your body will lack the fuel to function properly. Our brain cannot use fat as a fool but our body needs an alternative source of energy to be alive and that is where ketones work wonders. Ketones are a form of chemicals produced in your liver when glucose is low. The brain and various other tissues now will use the ketones for fuel to work properly.During a keto diet the insulin level drops significantly and boosts the process of fat burning. Foods like bacon, eggs, breads, chicken and fish are the core food items for keto diet.

Benefits of having a custom keto diet:

  • following a keto diet according to your body requirement will significantly reduce fat and will help in proper regulation of blood sugar level.
  • A keto diet is easy to follow because it is simple and it has no strict diet plan.
  • Hunger cravings caused during a regular strict diet tends to fade easily.
  • Exercising is not important if you follow a customised keto diet.

Following a custom keto diet plan for 2 to 3 months will help you notice the difference in the way of fat burn. The transformation gained by following a ketogenic diet plan is permanent unlike the other diet plans. Apart from reducing weight a keto diet plan is beneficial for the whole body. It helps in decreasing cholesterol and diabetes and has no side effects. To achieve the perfect body of your dreams, the ketogenic diet plan is the easiest solution.