Let’s get started with gaining a cup of knowledge on what acid reflux exactly is. A handful of people, I am sure, are still unaware of what is acid reflux. So here it goes – When the acid produced by the stomach goes up to the oesophagus resulting in a burning chest and discomfort can be called as the acid reflux. It is also known as the gastroesophageal reflux disease.

This is scientifically termed as a disease but it is too common to be called as a disease these days. Due to various common and uncommon causes the acid reflux is seen in many cases in the individuals. However, when the acidity goes up to the next level and shows up twice in a week or more, you may call it the acid reflux disease.

Before talking about how I cured it, let’s first get to know what are the causes of this acid reflux.

  • Acid reflux may be caused by obesity
  • Acid reflux may be caused by eating a heavy meal
  • Acid reflux may be caused by lying down right after a meal
  • Acid reflux may show up if you’re having snacks at the bedtime
  • Acid reflux may be the result of citrus or spicy food
  • Acid reflux can be due to pregnancy
  • Acid reflux can also start due to smoking

If one of these doesn’t match your case, there’s nothing to worry. There are many other reasons apart from the above listed ones which result in the acid reflux. Some of the causes are purely based on the biology of the body or due to drinking certain beverages which may or may not include alcohol. Thus, various things (known or unknown) may cause acid reflux in the body.

And how to know that you have acid reflux?

Well, like any other disease, or let me say, common disease, acid reflux has got its own symptoms to let you know that it is welcomed by your body already. Be sure to note down the following symptoms before you fall into confusions about acid reflux.

  • Burping frequently
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Dry coughs
  • Bloody vomits
  • Sore throat
  • Long hiccups that don’t stop
  • Heartburn

All or a few of such symptoms are enough to let a gesture that you are having acid reflux. If not highly dense, even then the starting phase of it. And diseases – big or small must be treated immediately.

Remember – Delaying and being ignorant is the first step to worsening a situation of a disease, be it a common one or a major one.

Here are some of the basic steps that I followed in order to control my Acid Reflux. As Acid Reflux is something related to the oesophagus, most of the methods are related to eating and sleeping, of course. Go through them one by one!

  • Eat slow

Try not to eat three heavy meals a day. Instead, go low on consumption and start eating little at a time for five-six times a day. This will not fill up your stomach and leave some space that is important for good digestion.

  • Avoid carbonated beverages

As simple as the title speaks! Go for simple water instead.

  • Avoid certain food

Food and beverages like fatty foods, coffee, mint, chocolate, spicy food, tomatoes, onions, garlic, tea and alcohol need to be eliminated from your regular diet. Though a little consumption once or twice a week is okay, avoid their usage on a regular basis.

  • Try not to sleep after eating

There should be a gap of 2-3 hours between your supper and your sleep. Save the lazy works over phone or laptop or reading a book to be done after supper. Do not go to bed soon after you’ve eaten, even after lunch. Take a break, take a stroll or do something convenient apart from rigorous exercise. That helps in breaking down of the food and avoiding the acids being collected.

  • If you’re a healthy person, you may try to lose weight.

Though this method is completely optional, if your doctor suggests, losing some kilos would only ensure stoppage of the muscle spreading to the oesophagus, ultimately, no acid reflux. However, this should be done only with a doctor’s consent.

  • Quit smoking –

Whether you smoke occasionally for pleasure or are a chain smoker – you need to get over it right away. Smoking can only worsen your Acid reflux to a point you wouldn’t believe to be possible. I have, in my personal life come across people worsening acid reflux to such extent that they are hanging between life and death only because they couldn’t quit smoking and alcohol consumption. If you love your life, you love the organs of your body, pay heed to what I write.

  • Incorporate Ginger in your diet

This is a home remedy. Having ginger, if not daily, then thrice in a week in your food will certainly work magic for your digestive system. You will feel lighter and comfortable gradually as you consume ginger. You can also switch to lemon ginger water or similar beverages.

  • Antacids

Sometimes when you’re high on acid reflux, with severe effects in your body like uncontrollable heartburn and nausea, you may consume antacids after your diet. These antacids help in moderating and maintaining the acidic nature of your intestine. This is the most preferred option during pregnancy.

These are some of the very effective methods that I had worked with to control my acid reflux and honestly, a few months of work and strictness and now my acid reflux is almost vanished. Though a little part remains on eating spicy, oily junk food, it is curable to a great extent if you follow these points regularly. You may not work upon all the points mentioned, but stick to a few that you feel easy-going on. And leave a comment once you’ve started feeling better!