Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three good habits that make healthy looking skin. If you have an oily skin you really cannot afford to miss regular skin care irrespective of work schedule. Else you will be perturbed with unwanted skin eruptions like acne and pimples.

Nothing is more refreshing than washing face with a face wash made with all natural ingredients. Do it to feel the difference.

Why Oily Skin is Troublesome?

Sebaceous glands is body’s self-mechanism to keep skin hydrated. They produce sebum which helps to keep skin soft and supple. Sebum is the healthiest natural oil present in human body.

Oily skin might be a natural blessing but excess sebum secretion can spoil the radiant look.Even too much shine is undesirable because it lends a greasy look.

To add, excess oil can clog the skin pores and lead to accumulation of bacteria and germs. This might lead to skin breakouts and acne formation.

Why let dead skin cells combine with excess sebum to clog tiny skin pores and play a spoilsport to your good look? Switch on to the habit of using best face wash for men if you have not started it yet.

What Factors Cause Excess Sebum Secretion?

Genetics and environmental factors are the two main factors that cause excess secretion of sebum. Hot and humid seasons can lead to excess secretion of oil from sebaceous glands. There might be other lifestyle factors like eating oily and fried junk food.

Moisturizing – Is It Must?

Does oily skin need moisturizer? The truth is even oily skin needs to be moisturized. Best face moisturizer which is water-based and lightweight is ideal for oily skin.

Usually, people with oily skin often use several anti-acne treatments. Anti-acne creams and gels have salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as major ingredients which tend to dry up the facial skin. This again justifies the need of using moisturizer after cleansing.

How to Get Rid of Extra Oil?

Use a good face wash to remove excess oil and impurities from the clogged skin pores. You cannot do away with your natural blessing but can reduce the bad effects of oily skin with good cleansing techniques. No harm if you do a repeat act because oily skin tends to get once again greasy even after cleaning.

The first step towards a good skin is choosing the best face wash. Choose natural beauty products to cleanse, moisturize and add brightness to your macho look. It will also help you to build up or regenerate cells because the dead cells are washed out.

Some of the best products in the category of face wash and face moisturizer are Refresh Oil Control Face Wash for Men with Charcoal and Walnut (Mamma Earth), Bio Fruit Whitening & Depigmentation Face Pack (Biotique), Daisy Extract & Vitamin B Face Wash (Vaunt Skincare).

Word of Caution

Do not overdo with cleansing skin care routine because it might lead to greater production of sebum. The situation is ironical because face wash or exfoliating creams can deplete the thin oily layer on skin surface. This will trigger the sebaceous glands to switch on its work mode and secrete more oil.

Do not skip wearing a good sunscreen because sun dries up skin again triggering the secretion of sebum. Ideal way out is to cleanse moisturize and apply sunscreen whenever you venture out.