Tips To Survive And Succeed In COVID-19 For Recruitment Companies

COVID 19 has bought with itself with a state of uncertainty and doubt. During these difficult times people are looking out from themselves, they are looking after their family, but there is a worry about the sustainability of their businesses. There is a worry about what the business world is going to look like in the upcoming years.

Well, it is for certain that the laws of the business world are changing. And it’s important for every business to adapt themselves to these changes. One of the major changes that have occurred post coronavirus pandemic is the way companies recruit new employees. Yes, you heard it right, as more and more workers are losing their jobs are being furloughed, now might not seem like the best time for a job hunt. However, the fact to the matter is that there are companies that are still hiring, there are industries that are still working constantly to support the depleting economy and needs of people.

Apart from this some of the studies suggested that the conditions will improve once the world deals with the pandemic, and there will be a boom in the demand for different products and services. So, it’s important that businesses pre-prepare themselves by pre-hiring the required human resource.

However, that’s where the major problem lies. Most of the top sales executive search firms, recruitment firms, and companies are facing serious issues in the recruitment process, as they cannot physically meet and test the potential candidate’s skill set. But, we know that to every problem there is a solution and so we are going to provide you with the best tips to survive in COVID-19 for recruitment companies

Learn New Technology

Technology is a crucial factor in this pandemic, which has not just help us to fight this pandemic effectively but also maintain the basic services in every industry. And so it’s your turn to get familiar with tech that can help you maintain proper communication, collaborations, and productivity among all teams during this pandemic.

An astounding amount of changes in daily work life like the closing of corporate offices, suspension of travel services, and other commodities led to the systematic failure of the overall workflow of the industry. However, on the other hand, new and effective solutions are being introduced in order to maintain a constant flow of work. So, the best thing you could do is to learn to operate these newfound platforms to continue your work. Use the tech to combat your challenges and keep your eye on more effective solutions being introduced to the market.

Go Digital

Well, as far as recruiting goes you can always carry it out online. However, now since the HRs all over the industries do not have an option it is better to shift their focus on online services to for carrying out all sort recruitment processes like an interview, onboarding, meetings, technical, and communications skill tests, etc.

There are a number of platforms that could help you reach out to the potential candidates, most famous being LinkedIn. Other recruitment processes from interview to skill tests can also be conducted using any live streaming platform such as google duo, Zoom, Skype, etc. Furthermore, there are platforms for skill testing such as Hackerrank, code forces, CodeChef for programming, Mettl, etc for communication. You can fully simulate a proper testing environment online to judge your potential candidate.

Focus On Current Employees

There is no denying the fact that recruiting is a difficult task and it has become more difficult during this pandemic. However, we can’t also deny the fact that we are facing economic slowdown all over the world. An estimate says that the product consumption has gone down by around 80 percent in countries where there is a lockdown due to the pandemic. Although this is foreseeable as people are only goods necessary for survival to protect themselves from COVID 19 virus.

Apart from this, the HR department should constantly be in touch with people who are let go of, who know when you might need a certain talent. Apart from this, after the pandemic, a major issue has been raised for the companies which depend on offshore talents to do their bidding. As all national and internal flights are canceled, it has made it difficult for these companies to bring on-demand offshore talents. This is majorly true for the IT industry and countries like the US which heavily depends on talents from other countries like Israel, India, Germany, etc. This has caused certain projects to be either put on hold or has caused major delays.

So, instead of focusing on bringing new talent to the company, you must actually focus on sustaining the current employees. A lot of firms and companies are letting go of their employees due to low demands, which in terms seems like a logical thing to do. However, when things get normal these companies are going to have to face a major problem due to lack of workforce. So a better alternative to this problem is to maintain a pay cut rather than firing people. This way you can be ready for the future.

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. He loves to share his thoughts from his blogs on best executive recruitment agencies.





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