Since CBD went mainstream, it has become one of the most widely used products in the market. Its prevalence is the reason why various and creative methods of consumption have developed, such as:

CBD Oil Extract

The most common method of CBD application is consuming it orally. All the user has to do is acquire some Canadian full-spectrum CBD oil and place it under the tongue. You can also put droplets in your mouth and swallow the oil. The method is easy and fast acting.


Another popular method of CBD consumption is in the form of gummies. The process is preferred by individuals who want to have an effortless time taking the compound. Gummies are treated infused by a certain quantity of CBD. Simply consume one and wait for a few minutes for the effects to kick in. 

Topical Application

Those who want to end up with flawless skin can apply CBD topically in the form of lotions. More and more beauty companies are infusing the compound into their skincare products. Other topical applications include CBD sprays for musculoskeletal pain relief. The mode of application depends on the skin pores for the absorption of the product. 

Hot Protein Mixes

CBD protein mixes are becoming a trend due to their easy mode of consumption. Users mix proteins with warm water then consume the contents. The mixes are prevalent among hikers and campers, as well as other individuals who want to enjoy CBD on the go. They are easy to digest, and the effects kick in after only a few minutes. 

CBD Dabs

Cannabidiol dabs are available in various forms, including crumbles and solid resins. They are remarkable to consume if you want to avoid the bitter flavor of CBD. With the dabs, you can heat them and ingest them in a variety of ways. The CBD dabbing process is among the best ways to have an easy time consuming the compound.

CBD Liquids

Among the latest trends of CBD consumption is using numerous liquids to administer cannabidiol. Some of the common liquids used include wines and juices. One significant benefit of this method is that it masks the CBD taste, making the consumption method more appealing.