Worrying about your hair transplant surgery date approaching soon? Have I made the right decision? Will the surgeon be ok? Will the surgery will be successful? With all these questions in mind, people develop apprehension. While this is a normal reaction towards your life’s most significant step, if you have selected the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey, you need not worry.

Besides, here are the things hair transplant patients can consider to alleviate their uncertainties:

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The results of any medical treatment depend on the skill of the surgeon and the quality of care given at the clinic. Hair transplant treatments are no exception. Hence choosing the right surgeon with adequate experience and qualification is the most crucial factor that hair transplant patients should consider.

Cause of Hair Loss

The causes of hair loss, such as autoimmune disorder, cannot be treated by hair transplantation; hence, patients are recommended to see a dermatologist and request a hair diagnosis test. This helps them build realistic expectations and find other treatments for hair protection.

Donor Hair Regions

Get a reality check from your doctor before going for a hair transplant surgery. The more adequate donor hair you have, the better the final results. Moreover, the results are not the same for every patient. It depends entirely on the degree of abundance of donor follicular units.

After Care

Along with the skills of the surgeon, aftercare also plays a prominent role in the success of the hair transplant surgeries; hence, while choosing a clinic, inquire about the clinic’s aftercare and follow up services. The instructions and medication kits clinics will provide to handle complications, mitigate further hair loss, and avoid infections after surgery are of great importance.

Common Myths About Hair Transplants That Are Not True

Many people get scared when they hear about hair transplants. They think it will impose adverse effects. This is because people read fake news that gains excellent attention in the media, which is deliberately distorted and untrue. Here we have enlisted some of the myths about hair transplants and the truths about them to provide you clear and accurate information about hair transplants in Turkey:

Myth 1: Hair Transplant is Not an Appropriate Treatment for Elderly Patients

It is not true. If you have healthy donor hair, you are eligible to have a hair transplant no matter what your age is. If you feel that you need a hair transplant for self-confidence and better looks, consult your doctor and remember age is no barrier.

Myth 2: Hair Transplants Are Only For Men

Women suffer more from hair loss at some point in their lives. Mostly this is temporary hair loss during pregnancy or hormonal imbalances, and the lost hair grows back, so there is no need to go for hair transplants. But some other women have thin hair and suffer from permanent hair loss – female pattern baldness can benefit from a hair transplant as men do.

Myth 3: Hair Transplants Give Immediate Results

Patience is the biggest virtue when it comes to hair transplantation. No doubt, you will see definite results, but it does take time. This is due to the fact that a lot of newly transplanted hair drops out. This is an entirely natural process. The roots of the new hair will be established, and they will grow again, which takes six months to a whole year to reap the full benefits.

Myth 4: Washing Your Hair Too Often After a Hair Transplant can Result in Further Hair Loss

Patients are usually recommended not to shampoo the hair immediately after the procedure for at least a week as a lot of newly transplanted hair drops soon after the treatment. But you can wash your hair as often as you like a week after the procedure. It’s good to keep the treated area clean to avoid unnecessary infection.

How to deal with a Bad Hair Transplant

Due to the growing advancements in scientific techniques, hair transplantation has transformed in all its length and breadth. However, due to various unexpected reasons, many people are still suffering from the effects of a bad hair transplant that results in permanent scarring and unnatural hairline. Here are some of the effective ways to repair a bad hair transplant:

  • Camouflage
  • Plug Removal
  • Combined Repair
  • Fixing Scars

A hair transplant in Turkey can be a life-changing experience that will make you more confident and better looking. However, to reap the best results, construct realistic expectations, choose the best clinic and the right hands, and do complete research.