Your home is a place where you find comfort and warmth. Being home is something you look forward to after a long day of work. Your home can’t be your happy place or your comfort zone unless it looks like one. When it comes to decorating your home, nothing is as versatile as natural stones. When it comes to colours and textures- nothing stands parallel to marble mosaic tiles. Be its shape, size or texture- when you shop for marble mosaic tiles you will be spoiled for choices. When you mix and match marble mosaic tiles, they can enhance any space and make the area look more appealing. Whether you coordinate the stones with larger pieces or with contrast colours, it will make your floor look extremely appealing. In this article, we will go through some of the uses of marble mosaic and how they can transform any space and make it look stunning. 

In this article, we will have a look at some of the most popular styles of marble mosaic.

To begin with, the most popular style of marble mosaic is the ‘ceramic subway tiles’ which first made its debut in New York city’s train stations in the early 1900s. since then, they have made a buzz in the architecture world. The main reason why tiny mosaic tiles are highly preferred is because of their aesthetic appeal and their durability. Their tiny structure never fails to amaze anyone. Soon enough, people started to imitate the style and using this combination for their flooring. Not only homes but this style was incorporated in various restaurants as well as ass public places. If the walls and rest of the interior of the house are kept simple, then the flooring of the house can be with marble mosaic so that it can stand out. The best part about the mosaic is that it can look best when the space is small. On the other hand, larger tiles can make the area look cramped.

When it comes to shape, the mosaic has shapes come in a plethora of variety. One of the most widely used shapes for marble mosaic is the hexagon shape. You will come across black, grey and white coloured tiles which will go with any type of home theme. You can choose to cover the entire floor with mosaic design or use it just on the borders. When we talk about designs that look really appealing, black pebbles mosaic tiles also gives a unique touch to the floor. Marble tiling is one such thing which will suit the best with any type of home interior. When it comes to marble tiles, there is nothing that can stand parallel to the design and texture of marbles. Marbles come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. It is easy for you to choose your own twist by using unexpected colours that can add contrast. before selecting the type of natural stone you want to use, you need to understand the characteristics of various natural stones.

Some natural stones are meant for outdoor purposes while some are made for indoor purposes. Each piece of natural stone has different textures and design to it. This will make your entire floor look unique. Determining various characteristics like absorption rate, grade, oxidization, and durability are essential before selecting the type of stone you want to go for. Absorption rate refers to how porous the given material is. If you wish to buy the best quality marble tiles then make sure you get in touch with as they are one of the most reliable suppliers of silver travertine tiles.