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Discover All About Fireplace Screens in 2022

Discover All About Fireplace Screens

Gone are the days when houses had open fireplaces. An open fireplace exposes children and pets to the risk of burn injuries.

Today, every home has a fireplace. Fireplaces are an ideal way of making houses cozy in the winter season. Fireplaces are custom-made depending on the room size and interior design needs. People can be cozy from the crackling of the fire in any room they want. 

But, the importance of a fireplace screen is ever increasing because of the benefits it provides.

Function of a Fireplace Screen

Be it a small fireplace screen or a bigger one, the primary function remains the same. 

As the name suggests, the purpose of a screen is to prevent sparks from entering the room.

It’s still common that rooms that catch fire happens because the fireplace had no screen.

The Aesthetic Function of a Fireplace Screen

Screens for fireplaces serve another purpose. And that purpose is that they uplift the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace. 

These screens come in different forms such as:

All the above-mentioned screens are beautified in hundreds of different ways. 

Effectiveness in the Generation of Heat

The traditionally used fireplaces in houses were not very efficient when it came to heating the place properly. Research shows that about ten percent of the generative heat energy is converted into heat that warms up the room.

Up to 90% of the heat goes into the atmosphere through chimneys. But, with fireplace screens, this problem was solved. Screens for firewood have been proven to make the heat generation process a lot more efficient. 

Screens absorb the heat, and this heat is then radiated into the room – making the inside cozier. Screens are an efficient way of blocking the heat of firewood and using up more heat energy. Also, with the help of a screen, the fireplace generates more heat.

Screens Lower the Cost of Heating

Obviously, when only ten percent of the heat energy is being used without a screen. Then homeowners will have to light the fire for longer times. A longer time of lighting fire means:

Also, chimney dampers is not a good idea when it comes to preventing heat and air from escaping. In comparison to dampers, fireplace screens are a better method of making a barrier against air.

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Fireplace Screens Foster Safety

The chief benefit of a firewood screen is to prevent fire damage. They halt the potential risks associated with open fireplaces. Screens not only keep people safe from the fire but also things that potentially catch fire are not affected. If a burning log rolls out, the screen will halt it from going any further. It’s seen that households have seen a lot of mishaps where open firewood is used.

Concluding the Post

The above-mentioned advantages of fireplace screens show their importance in terms of safety and aesthetic appeal.

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