Intruding rats are crafty critters that can go unnoticed for long periods while wreaking havoc on your property. Whether you have a full-blown rat infestation on your hands or just think you see a few mice around the house, it is crucial to be aware of the telltale indicators that rats are present. 

These indications include gnawed cables or wood, droppings, bad odors, and scratching noises from exterior walls or ceilings. There could be footprints or oily smudges all over the baseboards and walls. If you know what to look for, you can stop a small infestation before it gets out of hand. Contact rodent control Irvine for help.

What May Rats Do To Your Home? 

Most people do not know just how much damage and risk a rat infestation may pose to their home. Not only may rats carry disease to humans and animals, but they can also eat through wiring, insulation, and walls, inflicting thousands of dollars in damage. Several diseases, such as salmonella, hantavirus, and leptospirosis, are spread by rats and can have devastating effects on humans. Fleas and ticks, for example, are only two of the pests they can bring in with them. To prevent more damage and protect your family and pets, it is important to take a rat infestation seriously and get professional aid right once.

How to Permanently and Humanely Eliminate Rodents?

Although getting rid of a rat infestation may seem impossible, HomeShield Pest Control can help you do it safely and efficiently. Our rodent control services get to the bottom of the problem and stop new infestations from starting. Without endangering the health of your family or pets, our trained professionals will get rid of the rats and their nests. In addition, we provide information and assistance on avoiding future rat infestations. Do not ignore the damage and risks posed by a rat infestation. If you need a fast and effective remedy, call HomeShield Pest Control.

The Five Easiest Ways to Keep Rodents at Bay

The best way to deal with rats is to take preventative measures. To avoid more rat infestations, consider these five easy measures:

  • To keep rats out, you should fill in any openings in the basement, the walls, and the roof.
  • Rats can be discouraged from making a home in a clean, clutter-free environment.
  • Keep pet food and water dishes clean and out of the way when they are not in use, and always use airtight containers to store food.
  • Rats can be kept away from your trash by keeping the lids on your outdoor trash cans.
  • Keep your yard in order by cutting the grass, pulling the weeds, and getting rid of any other debris that could give shelter to rats.

Even if you have tried everything, you may need the help of a professional pest control agency to get rid of the rats.