Whatever the reason you want to buy it, you should first think about what are the important things when choosing a sofa bed. Today we give you some keys so that you do not make mistakes.

A sofa bed is versatile and very practical furniture, thanks to its two uses: by day it is a sofa and at night it becomes a bed. We have all known them for decades and we have probably had the chance to sleep in one of them.

In this sense, I have to say that the thing has improved a lot over time. The new sofa beds today have nothing to do with the uncomfortable models of the past and, although there is everything, you can now buy really comfortable sofa beds.

As people get older, it can become more difficult for them to do what they’re used to doing, including moving safely around their homes.

But what things should be taken into account when choosing a sofa bed or another? How are they different from each other? To help you with these questions, here are some clues you should think about before deciding.

1. Think how much and how you will use it

A sofa bed is a perfect solution when we need to have some extra bed at home and we do not have space. It may be that we do not have a room to allocate to the guests, or even that our apartment is very small and we have a single space that has to act as both a living room and a bedroom at the same time.

Thinking about our needs and the use that we are going to make of the sofa bed is fundamental when it comes to choosing it. If you need to open it daily to sleep in it, it will be worth it to invest a little more and buy a very comfortable sofa bed. Your health will thank you.

Also, if you are going to use it as the main sofa in your living room, it is best to choose a model with high density cushions, which is comfortable if you are sitting on it for a long time.

On the other hand, if the idea is to use it only as an auxiliary piece of furniture in the study or in a secondary room of the house, and you only go to sleep in it sporadically, you can choose a more ordinary model, that occupies little space and that Allow you to invite friends or family to stay at your house.

2. Easy to open and close

The system of opening a sofa bed is another issue that must be taken into account, especially if you will use it frequently. In that case choose a model that is quickly transformed from sofa to bed , which is easy to open and pick up. There are opening systems that allow you to close the sofa with the bed made, which will be much more comfortable for day to day.

If the use of Sofas & Sofa Beds is going to be sporadic, then it is not so important that it can be closed with the bed made, and you can think of other smaller options that leave more space in the room.

3. Take into account the space available

If your problem of lack of space is important, you cannot choose the sofa bed you want, if not the one that best suits the meters you have. It is important that you measure it closed and open, to avoid unpleasant surprises when you want to open it at home and see that it does not fit.

Better be cautious and take out the tape measure. Keep in mind that you will need a few more inches around, once the sofa is transformed into a bed, so you can move around the room.

4. with resistant and decorative textiles

A sofa bed does not have to be ugly. The new models offered by the market have very decorative lines, with modern designs and adapted to today’s trends.

Also the tapestries are the order of the day, so you can choose resistant and beautiful textiles, perfect for everyday use. In addition, you can decorate the sofa bed with cushions and auxiliary blankets to make it more comfortable.

5. Types of sofa beds: advantages and disadvantages

The universe of sofa beds has evolved incredibly in recent years. We all remember the models of the past, uncomfortable and not very decorative, not to mention they were pretty ugly. However, the sofa beds today have nothing to do and you have at your fingertips very nice models that barely show their double function.

Among the systems you can find, these are the most important:

  • The sofa beds that open like a book: the backrest is folded back and falls flat to make room for the bed. They are recommended for a punctual use since they do not allow to be kept with the made bed. The advantage is that they can be quite narrow and do not take up much space.
  • The sliding models: from under the sofa comes a drawer that slides outwards and that is then at the same height, with removable legs. It is small, since it does not have to be very wide, but not too comfortable. And it cannot be closed with the bed made.
  • Pull-out sofa beds: they are the best for daily use. They are very comfortable because they can carry a slatted base and a normal, spring or latex mattress. In addition, they can be closed with the bed made, which is an advantage if you go to sleep in it every night.
  • Futons: a sofa bed of Asian origin that became very fashionable years ago. It is not distinguished precisely by its comfort. To make it comfortable, choose one of very good quality. Futons look great in youth rooms, for example.