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How Controversial Speeches in A State Impact the Life of The Common Man?

Impact the Life

We are becoming extremists day by day. The reason behind this is our mental growth. We are living where everything, either religious factor or political factor, turns into controversies. No one is now protected from these controversial issues. Nowadays, religious beliefs and discrimination are becoming the root cause of all the murders and terrorism problems. Recently a terrorist attack happened at a Muslim mosque. Which was also the result of religious extremism.

Due to such issues, no one is secure to live. Even at their homes, people are not safe. All-time fear of people attacking or being killed by someone is roaming in their minds. For in-house security, I would like you to suggest an alarm installation system.

There are hundreds of such cases that could be found in every country. Nowadays, the issue of hurting the religious feelings of Muslims is going. France has done a disgusting act that hearted billions of Muslims worldwide. They said that it is freedom of expression. If we talk about freedom of expression, then it doesn’t occupy the heart of someone’s religious feelings. 

No doubt, freedom of expression should be given to everyone. But misuse of these freedoms could result in many controversial issues on a national level. Even it can turn into a world war if these contentious issues are not controlled.

The consequences of these controversies could be knife attacks in London, school attacks in Texas, and Peshawar army public school attacks. Our children are also becoming the target of such hate speeches.  Even in offices and workplaces, black and white differences are going and severe cruelty across there. For that purpose, it would be best if you use a burglar alarm installation system. It would help you to get notified whenever someone intruders enter your office or do any malicious activity.

Effect of Hate Speeches on The Young Generation

Things are going worst day by day; no one cares for it. Even we are not noticing minor or significant incidents around us. If we take an example of hate speeches, we have a hundred examples from America, where a vast youth ratio is dying with social cases. And it is not an insignificant incident that could be ignored. They are facing cruelties of their class fellows and also have no one to share their inner thoughts. 

These cases mostly happen in hostel life or bording schools, where children have to live whole month except for vacations. Their classmates tease them mentally and lift him or her toward social or a terrorist act. A typical example of this act was terrorism at a texas school. A young student brings his father’s weapon to school and opened fire at his class fellows.

Effects of A Support System and Controversial Speeches

It is a usual or ordinary issue in all countries of the world in the name of democracy. No matter you are living in America, Africa, or in an Asian country. The hate of the support system is spreading everywhere. First, we will tell you what support is? So the support system is to support your favorite political party. In this act, people go wild to support their political leaders.

Even they start fighting with each other on the name of relays and party seminars. A couple of years ago, a massive number of people were killed by Punjab police in model town, Gujranwala, Pakistan. That was a regrettable incident and worst ever experience in political history. It resulted from bulying speeches of opposition leaders against government, which led people to protest and throw stones at police.

The second worst ever example of a support system is in America when Donald Trump won the election and became the president of America. At that time, the supporters and voters protested against the results of elections; during this protest, many people got injured, and also a small number of them died.  It comes from the consequences of hate speeches or controversial speeches of political leaders.  


In conclusion, it is not a common issue that could be ignored. Coming years may become more worse than these years. Hates are increasing day by day in people, which forces them to kill or murder each other without any significant reason. It seems that the age of technology is going thousands of years behind where there was only hate and kingship system. Therefore, the government must take decisive steps against such controversial decisions or speeches.

No one should be allowed to hurt someone’s feelings either religiously or on color race. Everyone should be allowed to live peacefully following their religion. It would be best if we also take part in this campaign to spread love instead of hate. And again, ask others to live peacefully. Here I would like to place the translation of Hadith Shareef of Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W), who said, “No one is superior or inferior over the others, except pity and virtues.”

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