Jenna Foster is a forward-thinking woman that hopes to change the world one talk at a time with an innovative heart to heart programs that transcend the norm and pushes you to become the best that you can be in all that you do.

Jenna Foster believes words like Loneliness, Neglect, Desolation, etc..

That none of us like hearing because of what they signify. No one likes being lonely. That is a simple fact. As human beings, we all have a fervent wish and desire to remain loved from the day we take our first breaths in this world right down to when we lie beneath the earth for eternal sleep. Love and compassion are as valuable as the air we breathe and the food we eat because they sustain us; they keep us alive; they remind us our purpose in life is not slave away at the whim of others, no. We are meant to make lives better by showing people the right way of doing things. There is one problem with that.

Jenna Foster believes that a lot of people don’t understand or know what they have that can make their own lives. It is imperative to take the first step which is to think about others first. How can you make people happy if you’re not happy yourself? And this is something peculiar to women because, by their very nature, they look out for others before themselves. This is something every woman has; a maternal instinct that is part of her. I would know because I’m a woman too so I want to share this with the world so we can make a change in every area that we find ourselves.

So this is the last message I will leave you with. Learn to cherish yourself first and foremost. That should come before anything else. Understand you never have to be lonely. When there is so much life throbbing within you, people will come to you. They will walk to you stay there. They want to be with you because you give off positive energy such as they have rarely seen. It attracts them and makes them feel safe around you.

So in the end, everything comes back full circle. You have learned to love yourself, and that will draw people to you because they wish to share in this love. Only you have the power to achieve such a feat. Reach deep within and embrace your potential, then make the most of it. That’s all I will tell you. The rest is up to you. Have faith in yourself as I have faith in you.

Jenna looks at the world from a different perspective, and through her words and actions, she is making a change, one person at a time and she is not looking back in anyway because she is committed to the goal of making people’s lives better in more ways than one.