Have you decided to go for a fam jam this weekend? Then what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and buckle up to hit the road. But having a good time is not all about fun. You need to be careful and maintain some precautions so that you can have a memorable time with your family for all good reasons. A car accident lawyer Salem has stated some tips that can keep you safe on the road.

Check before you Accelerate

Check your car through and through before hitting the road. Check for the wheels, fluid levels, and other mechanical liabilities that might face a sudden breakdown. Plan your route and mark some mechanics, and gas pumps for emergencies. You can avoid a compromised situation if you go for routine car servicing.

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Buckle before Chuckle 

If you have kids and pets, you can not fathom their energy levels for road trips. But before onboarding, they ensure that infants and kids below 5-6 years of age should have baby car seats or booster seats, and children below 13 should take the back seat. If you have pets, you can invest in a pet car seat so that they can be safe.

When you have o leave the car for some quick pick up, turn on the air conditioner in warm weather. Pets if they are kept inside the car for too long without air conditioners have a chance of heat stroke. 

Emergency Kits for the Safety of Your Kids

Your kids are your boss, and you ought to do everything that you have in your hands to keep them happy. Prepare emergency kits if you are about to go for long drives. For infants, it is suggested that you take extra towels, clothes, diapers, extra food, and napkins.

If you have toddlers or kids below 10, ensure that you have food, water, and treats, and give them your phones or tablets so that they do not become cranky.

For pets, ensure that you stop at regular intervals for toilet breaks. 

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Apart from all these, take all the routine medication for yourself and your family. It is suggested that you take some extra medicines for sudden headaches, vomiting, or nausea, these are very common in kids when they travel long distances. 

Stopping by every hour or two for 5 mins of stretching will keep you energetic. 

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