Mumbai is the heartbeat of Maharashtra which has a fast-paced day routine and extremely vibrant nightlife. And not just here, the other urban places like Pune have been seeing a massive development and zesty lifestyle. There is so much going on in the cities throughout the year, that you cannot help but crave a break, now and then.

Don’t you feel rejuvenated and relaxed just thinking about the green outdoors, giant waterfalls, and verdant hilltops? Lonavala is one such iconic Bollywood-favourite destination for amazing backdrops. From Lonavala resorts to retreat, let’s together find out why is it the perfect hotspot for weekend getaway –

Strategic location

Conveniently located near Mumbai, about 96 km, in the slopes of the Sahyadri mountain range, Lonavala is the latest crush of the holidaymakers in Maharashtra as well as India. Almost every Mumbaikar would have been to Lonavala once in their life because of the proximity, as it takes only a couple of hours. Adjacent to another enthralling place called Khandala, together they both make an exciting getaway for a long weekend.

Luxury resorts

Any vacation without a comfortable accommodation could be a fail and the resorts in Lonavala are something to die for. Either you look for budget resorts that have premium facilities or the lavish 5-star resorts in Lonavala that have rooms with view and pools, there are all kinds of options available to cover your needs. Bask in its luxury, get massages, play sports, swim in a heated pool, and find the utmost peace.

Unique and stunning destinations

Lonavala is nestled at the height of 2,047 feet from sea level and sprawls over 38 kilometer square of land, offering a jaw-dropping view. You will not find such a spectacular setting of valley, lake, and caves elsewhere.

Sitting in the lap of nature, here are a few attractions that you can tick off while being here:

  • Tiger’s Leap
  • Karla Caves
  • Monkey Hills
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Duke’s Nose
  • Tikona Fort

Recreational Activities

From having that Instagram worthy shot at the hilltop to sipping tea with pakoras, Lonavala guarantees activities that revive your senses. It offers exceptional opportunities to travel with friends and partners on those quiet, empty roads leading up to the hills. Go for trekking and sightseeing to elevate the experience with adventure actions.

So, whenever you gear up for the weekend escape, take the road to the Lonavala and relish its pristine beauty. Don’t forget to book luxury Lonavala resorts at the best discounts.

5 things to do in Lonavala which should top your list

Lonavala is a picturesque hill town near the Bollywood city of Mumbai. It is beautifully hemmed in by verdant mountains, waterfalls, caves, and valleys. It is well-connected by roads from Mumbai and Pune and has remarkable sightseeing opportunities. Thanks to its gorgeous scenery, numerous trekking places, camping spots, and cheap 5-star Lonavala resorts, the town manages to draw all kinds of travelers-  romantic couples, families, and friends alike.

From staying in the best resorts in Lonavala to soaking in the panoramic view at the hilltop, the city has umpteen things to do. Out of which, we have picked the top 5-

Be swept off by the beauty of Bhushi Dam

One of the marvelous places in Lonavala, Bhushi Dam is a masonry dam perched on the Indrayani river. It reaches its full glory in the monsoon season. It is when the water overflows and creates an impression of a gushing waterfall. Due to the inconsistent flow of the water, swimming is prohibited in the dam, but one can always enjoy on the steps. Located with the scenic backdrop of hilly terrain, the travelers are thrilled to capture the heavenly vistas.

Spend a fun-tastic day at Della Adventure Park

A designer 5-star Lonavala resort spread over 43 acres, Della Resort is your designer staycation with posh rooms, suites, state-of-the-art facilities, 24 hours restaurant and bar, nightclub, and lounges. One can raise the adrenaline in its Adventure Park, which covers a total area of around 2 hectares. It features over 70 activities for adults and kids-

 dirt biking, rocket ejector, swoop swing, ATV rides, archery, shooting, and aqua zorb. The detail-oriented services are tailored to exceed your expectations to give you a memorable vacation.

Watch the view at Tiger’s Leap

This looks like a tiger leaping into the valley, and hence the name was kept Tiger’s Leap. It is an observatory deck from where you can immerse in the astounding view around. Situated at around, 8 km away from Lonavala, this clifftop with a sheer drop of over 650 m, offers an all-inclusive view of the hills and the Western Ghats. Travelers are floored when they watch the jaw-dropping visuals of sunset and sunrise. This should be rather seen from a safe spot and not the top, which is risky.

Trek up to the Duke’s Nose

At 7 km from the quaint town of Lonavala, Duke’s Nose is your ideal place to trek and hike. As you ascend this, get stunned by the panoramic view of the dramatic Sahyadri Ranges, the splendid valleys, and the dense forests that cover the Sahyadris, on the way. The landmark often serves as an ideal picnic spot for tourists exploring Lonavala.

Explore the Karla Caves

Carved into a rocky hillside, Karla Caves are one of the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India. Also known as Karli Caves, Karle Caves, or Karla Cells, it consists of 16 excavations/cave. It houses one of the largest Chaityas (prayer hall with a stupa) in India. Other attractions include a humongous 15 – meter pillar along with a temple dedicated to Goddess Ekveera, a Buddhist monastery built around 2nd century BC, and a major ancient trade route.


Lonavala is a place with the goodness of nature and belongings of history.  It has an array of attractions that are brilliant for weekend getaways. So, book luxury Lonavala resort, add these places to your bucket list and have the maximum fun.