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Dos & Don’ts to Wedding Dressing

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Congratulations! You just have received the invitation to your friends or families wearing and you couldn’t be more excited to attend. But wait! This also brings a lot of anxiety on what to wear and how to carry your look to be the center of attention in the event. Although, there are turns of Pakistani clothing stores in Pakistan that prepares clothes, particularly suited to different events of a Pakistani wedding. Even though you were all sorted out but still there comes a fear on the doors and don’ts of wedding dressing. What does that actually mean? Photos of you who are unaware of the dos and don’ts of a Pakistani wedding dress, this article will guide you!

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Follow The Dress Code

What if your friend or family member is hosting their wedding at a beach or in a garden? You cannot wear the same lehenga there that you would otherwise were in a hall. Even though you have decided to dress casually but still it fails if the wedding is at nighttime. When in doubt, go for a sharp-color long dress and compliment the dress by carrying out a natural tone shawl to balance the overall look. For guys, a black tux with a white shirt would just be lovely we’d say.

Evaluate The Location & Wrap Layers

One can never go wrong with layers. If you have discovered that the wedding is going to be held outside then you wouldn’t want to miss something to wrap around yourself in case of unforeseen rain, sand storm, or heavy wind. Even if the wedding is held inside and the doors are open, high-temperature air conditioning may catch you off-guard. In the worst-case scenario, carry something which you can wear while leaving the venue as it must be dark by then there’s a high risk of safety during the time of the night. You can thank us later for this.

Keep Your Comfort Over Anything Else

We understand how much fashion is important these days. You’ve bought those brand-new high heels which go with your Pakistani formal pret and can’t wait to wear them to your close wedding. Hang on! Think about it! One of the keys to dressing your best at a wedding is to dress comfortably. Although we don’t mean loose trouser, baggy shirts, and flip-flops you got the gist! You can go for a perfect formal dress and compliment it with a flat shoe instead of telling your feet with a long heel that you are stuck in for the rest of the day because you have no idea how long an event can go.

Choose Bold Accessories

We’ve talked enough about the ladies’ suits for the wedding party but your overall attire is incomplete without proper accessories. Pay attention to this one! As far as the jewelry is concerned, you don’t wanna over accessorize yourself which eventually kills your look. Minimal is the key! Always make sure to go for natural-tone accessories if your dress is in sharp or bright colors. Don’t wear something which makes noise and disturbs others. Still confused? Simply figure it out through the venue. Let’s say, a beach or bohemian setup calls for a loose neckpiece or studs and a formal hall setup calls for more of classic jewelry set with stones.

Treat yourself

This might become your favorite point! Weddings are an ideal excuse to pamper yourself completely. Shop for the exclusive Pakistani designer online store. Get your nails, hair, and makeup is done. Get your hands and legs waxed. This shouldn’t be the celebration for a bride only, her close ones deserve some attention too. So, splurge a little, you deserve it.


Ask Too Many People’s Opinions

Taking too many people’s opinions can ruin your day entirely. We’d never suggest that! Others have already decided what they’re going to wear considering the venue and the event. Now, when it comes to you, they’ll suggest according to their personalities without knowing yours. Everyone has different color preferences, complexion, and shape. What goes on them might not look best on you. So, it’s better to follow your heart and decide for yourself.

Wear Something Revealing

Never go beyond being the center of attention when it comes to dressing up for Pakistani weddings. The golden rule of thumb is not to wear any dress with holes, plunging, and rips. This might keep you uncomfortable throughout the event. although it won’t be such a problem because women’s formal suits at weddings are designed in a way to maintain the decency of our culture. Cleavage should never be the focal point of your outfit so even if it happens unintentionally, carry a fancy dupatta with it. This goes for invitees and bride suits as well.

Wear Certain Colors And Accessories

Be mindful of the occasion, venue, and your presence at the event. Depending on the closeness you have with the bride or family members, white or red can be a little inappropriate. You don’t wanna steal focus from the bride or her close ones. Wearing the same colors or designs as the bridesmaids or close relatives may fall into the mistake category and you don’t want to repeat that. If you’re a casual invitee, opt for a natural tone and stick to it.

Be Disrespectful

It’s different from wearing red or not dressing properly at all. Anything beyond formal is considered disrespectful to the invitation and the person who has invited you. Don’t be too late for the event by taking unnecessary time in getting dressed.

Underestimate The Weather

In Pakistan, we are always under sunlight if it’s a day wedding. No matter if the air conditioners are working their best. Therefore, dress according to the weather! Direct sunlight can cause discoloration and bruise to your dress. Excessive sweating can fade your makeup and make it harder to walk in high heels. Keep everything in notice when you pick out a dress, footwear, and accessories for a wedding.

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