Top 6 free online tools to make marketing video

Recently, marketing video is becoming one of the most important feature in marketing online. However, to make wonderful and impressive video, you need a lot of things, besides interesting content. It is the reason why you should spend time to read the post to know more about the top 6 amazing online tools to help you create attractive marketing video.

1. Flixpress

Flixpress has been one of the most prominent online video intro websites and has been extremely popular among professionals for many years. Flixpress supports users to produce advanced video intro in just a few minutes on the computer. Whether you love simplicity or complexity, Flixpress can meet your requirements.

Flixpress supports many free templates for users with a rich content library. You can customize the layout, text, audio, runtime, colors … and create videos at breakneck speeds in just a few minutes. FlixPress is also considered by many users to be easy to use, highly effective, very suitable for businesses and units wishing to do intro to introduce their companies and products.

2. Loopster

LOOPSTER is an online video editing and editing application for website professionals. This app brings the features of a professional and class video making tool. Loopster provides a simple interface and can be used simply for first time users. However, the huge drawback is that the resolution is only 480 when exporting video, a resolution too low at the present and 10 minutes on the Timeline. With this software you will not worry about the number of videos published because the software allows you to publish videos without limitation.

3. Powtoon is also an online video website that helps you create online marketing video quickly by simply dragging and dropping available tools. This software provides you with free optional intro templates and premium professional templates. These available intros are a great support in telling a story of the business, introducing the company, products, services and so on. Using the website as an online video on Powtoon will help you reduce the cost of buying expensive software. In particular, you do not need to install any other tools when using Powtoon.

4. FlexClip

FlexClip is an easy and powerful video editing software and the great of this application is completely free. Flex Clip also includes basic video editing tools such as cut, split, text, dub, music, watermark, etc. Furthermore, it also contains many other useful tools to help you edit video.

5. Slidely

Slidely is an awesome social video creation platform. Thanks to this platform, more than 100 million users have been connected through photo & video collections. The mission of the developer is to empower users to inspire people, brands, and publishers. This video creation software makes everyone more creative in telling stories with pictures.

With the site’s Slidely Show, users can instantly create slideshow videos from their favorite photos and music. Specifically, users can select photos from Facebook, Instagram and many other sources, favorite music from SoundCloud, YouTube or mp3. Users can keep to themselves or share with family and friends.

6. Biteable

When it comes to websites that make marketing video standard and effective, it’s impossible not to mention Biteable. Just log in through Facebook or Google account, you can use all the features provided on this site completely free. Biteable also offers many free intro interface templates, you just need to edit the basic information to be able to own your own intro video.

Website making online video intro Biteable will help you create intro videos promoting brand, image of the company or products and services effectively and vividly.

Hope that after the post, you will know more about the amazing tools to create attractive marketing video.


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