10 Best Places to Watch Free Documentaries

Documentaries are a terrific method to discover the world around you if you gain a lot of knowledge about it. There are a plethora of free documentaries available online, but finding them and knowing where they’re housed might be difficult. We’ll go through some of our best places to watch documentaries for free in this article, so you’ll never have to be concerned anymore.

  1. YouTube

Although Youtube is most recognised for its video content, it also has a large number of free documentaries. The easiest method to find them is to look at what’s popular on the network. When people search for documentaries online, Google typically appears in the search results, so you might be able to locate some pretty high-quality clips there. Simply remember not to watch any unsuitable or objectionable stuff just because it’s free. Furthermore, What’s the best part? There is no need to sign up, and you can start watching immediately. However, if you want subtitles in your native language, be sure to choose them before playback starts.

  1. Netflix

Netflix does include a few documentary titles, but the streaming site is mostly focused on fiction films. Nevertheless, if you want to see high-quality documentaries that aren’t accessible anywhere else, you should subscribe to Netflix as well, since their library has grown over time and now includes many sought-after rare jewels from across the world.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video features a great variety of free films geared toward those who are interested in learning about other cultures. There are many various titles there, something for everyone’s interest, so go have a look. It is necessary to subscribe to it; it is inexpensive in comparison to other platforms and provides a wide range of titles.

  1. DocuFund


DocuFund is great for history buffs and individuals interested in historical events. The website has a large library of historical films, many of which were created by National Geographic. There are some extremely unique items there that will allow you to travel across time with ease. In addition, they offer a large collection with a variety of titles ranging from sports documentaries to biographies of significant persons or specific current events that have affected what we know about certain businesses today. Use it as a go-to resource when you want to learn something but don’t want to get bogged down in boring information.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is one of the greatest locations to watch free documentaries, for those who prefer their history with a little more drama. There are thousands of titles available, including some prime time series on wars and conflicts that took place throughout history. If you’re curious about how various people lived throughout centuries, this is a wonderful resource.

  1. Vimeo


The finest free documentaries on Vimeo are all about the environment, and they’re a terrific way to get your daily dose of nature without having to leave your house. The best thing is that these aren’t just video presentations with music playing in the background; you’ll see genuine National Geographic footage, making you feel as if you’ve been teleported to another world. However, their greatest free films may be found on a variety of subjects. Moreover, if you want to download its software package for free without having to go through any hassles, go to proxy-rarbg.org.

  1. PBS Kids

If you have a toddler at home that requests educational documentaries, PBS Kids is the ideal place to go. Approximately 100+ films are available on the platform without requiring registration and are also not restricted behind a subscription. These documentaries originate from various sources, including BBC Earth’s channel on YouTube, so expect anything from environmental issues to animal behavior.

  1. Documentary Now

This is an IFC comedy sketch show probably most famous for the Emmy Award-winning episode “Drunk Wedding,” which mimicked documentary style. This show, however, includes a digital channel where you may watch all of their free documentaries without any restrictions. Sadly, not every project from 2016 onward may be seen for free right now; nevertheless, there are still lots of recordings available for free, such as postcard specials.

  1. Free Documentaries

This website has hundreds of intriguing topics in both video and audio forms, ranging from cultural and natural heritage to science fiction and business. While some documentaries require registration in order to be downloaded, the majority of them are available to see for free. If you want to view documentaries on culture, travel, or history, this website is the ideal place to go because they have a lot of them.

  1. Documentary Tube

You won’t be able to download or stream clips from this website unless you subscribe, but it does have a massive database with thousands of public domain documentaries from about every genre conceivable. There are also some titles categorised as “educational,” so college students should be able to make their life simpler by viewing lectures online using this site.


There are various platforms where you may watch or download documentaries for free. The above-mentioned platform will make it simple for you to find free documentaries on the internet.