10 Items To Bring To a Christian Youth Conference

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you forget some essential items you’ll need at an event only to remember you didn’t take them when you require them. When preparing to attend a Christian youth conference you may not avert your mind to the necessary items you may need during the conference duration. This article lists ten items you may need at a Christian youth conference to help you ensure nothing skips your mind.

Things You Must Carry To A Christian Youth Conference

1. Bible

One very important thing you should not forget when going to a Christian youth conference is your bible. Your luggage will be incomplete without your Bible copy because you will need it throughout the conference. To understand the preacher’s message, you will sometimes have to refer to your bible during teachings.

2. Writing Materials

Christian conferences are educational and inspirational programs. Writing improves your ability to recollect information. It helps you to record memories, lessons, and ideas and return to them when you need to remember them later.

You may also need your writing materials to write the home addresses of new friends you will meet at the conference.

3. Clothes

Christian youth conferences usually take up to five days or less. It would be best if you took enough clothes to cater to your clothing needs throughout the conference since you do not want to keep repeating the same clothes.

Before you set out, you should confirm the period of the conference to enable you to prepare enough clothes. Your clothes should consist of warm, official, casual clothes. Also, do not forget to take that fancy dress you want to wear to dinner.

4. Leisurewear

For a gathering of young people, you can expect plenty of activity. Depending on the organizers of the conference, you may have community service, outreach and evangelization, and physical training sessions. Hence, you should pack sports and leisure wears alongside other clothes. When choosing the clothes to take along to a Christian youth conference, you must also factor in the weather.

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5. Cameras

A Christian youth conference is one place where you get to meet new friends and make memories.  A camera will help you capture memories and experiences you create with your friends during the conference. Also, it will be helpful to capture beautiful landscapes and sceneries you may encounter as you journey to the conference. These pictures you take during the conference help you to remember the exciting experiences you had during the conference even after many years.

6. Money

When attending a Christian youth conference, you should take enough money to last you for the conference period. Even if the conference is expense free, you may need money for offering or purchasing snacks, books, or magazines.

7. Towels

Do not forget to take your towel to a Christian youth conference. You will need towels to dry the water residue on your body after a bath or swim.

8. Toiletry items

Toiletry items are essential for a youth conference. You’ll need your toiletries throughout the conference to maintain good personal hygiene. Necessary toiletry items you must not forget include; soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorants.

9. Prescription Medication

Your well-being should always be your foremost priority. If you are on medication, you should remember to bring your medication with you to the conference.

10. Shoes

Do not make the mistake of attending a youth conference with one footwear. You should take as many as three footwear you are comfortable in. Your footwear should comprise both casual and official wear. If you’d like to participate in leisure activities, you should not forget to take footwear that is fit for the event.

Three Things You Should Not Bring to a Christian Youth Conference

  • Computer games: you’ll not need electronic games in a youth conference. They make you lose concentration and distract you from participating well.
  • Alcohol: you are not allowed to take alcoholic substances or bring alcoholic drinks to a youth conference.
  • Inappropriate clothes: Clothing with words or pictures that communicate an offensive message are also not allowed.

Tips to Prepare for a Christian Youth Conference

  1. Have an open mind. Christian youth conferences typically provide a wealth of knowledge for self-improvement. Keeping the right disposition helps you learn new things and change wrong mindsets. That way, you can strengthen your Christian faith and learn to become a better person.
  2. Be optimistic. Like a pilgrimage, the Christian conferences offer a spiritual journey for self-reflection and discovery. Before the day of the conference, you should prepare all the questions you may want to ask and expect that you will get answers during the program.
  3. Invite your friends to participate. Sharing the message of salvation forms one of the basic principles in the Christian religion. One way to do that is by inviting friends to join you at the conference, where they can learn more about God and the Christian faith.

Basic Rules to Follow at A Christian Youth Conference

The rules that guide Christian youth conferences differ with the purpose of the program and the organizers. However, here are some general rules of thumb you can expect

  • Do not litter the environment. You should keep the environment clean and dispose of any disposable items you use properly.
  • You should follow the schedule set for the conference and participate in every aspect of it.
  • Stay in the group you are assigned to during any task
  • Respect is very important. Do not disrespect your peers, teachers, or anyone at the conference.
  • Guys are not allowed in the girl’s cabin, and girls are not allowed in the guy’s cabin.
  • You should wear appropriate dresses to appropriate events.

Getting Ready for a Christian Youth Conference?

Church youth conferences are very exciting and educational. You may, however, be unable to derive optimum benefit from a youth conference if you forget to take the essential items you will require to the conference. If you have these ten items in your luggage, you should consider


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