10 Long-Sleeved Shirts to Style This Fall

Long-Sleeved Shirts

While men’s fashion trends adapt with time, many foundational pieces like a suit, sweatshirt and other basics become staples in a man’s closet. When you’re shopping for some new long-sleeved t-shirts, you might not know what’s in style for this fall and winter or what’s the best way to make long-sleeved men’s shirts stylish.

There are quite a few long-sleeved shirt trends for men to pay attention to this fall. Here are 10 long-sleeved shirt styles to try.

1. Nothing But Knitwear

Men — or even women buying shirts for the guys in their lives — can embrace knitwear this fall with flair. Sweaters are a staple, whether in a fall or winter wardrobe. They’re all the rage right now for celebrities: Even “Spider-Man” actor Tom Holland was seen wearing knitted sweaters with eye-catching designs.

Many designer collections are showcasing chic knitwear for men this year. You’ll be warm and chic if you mix and match the knitted sweater and the knitted scarf.

2. Pullover Hoodies

Whether going to the gym or having a casual day at work, you can pull on a hoodie and feel comfortable. Hoodies never seem to go out of style since they’re making a statement this year!

The trick is pairing the hoodie with the right pair of pants. They don’t need to be the same color, as mixing and matching looks more dynamic . You’ll look great by pairing black pants with a mostly solid-colored hoodie of any hue.

3. Hooded Long-Sleeved Shirts

A hooded long-sleeved shirt, although not typically insulated as a standard hoodie, makes for a great fall look. A long-sleeved hooded shirt in black, gray, maroon or green can be paired with a vest for a little extra warmth on a cool fall day.

4. Long-Sleeved Henley Shirts

Just three little buttons at the neckline can make your long-sleeved shirt stand out. You can leave them all buttoned, unbuttoned or with only the top button left unbuttoned. A button-up collar is a fun alternative to dressing up in standard office attire. A long-sleeved henley shirt can flatter your form well, showcasing your chest regardless of your size.

5. Lightweight Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are casual alternatives to knitted sweaters, but still work well for the office or social outings with friends. They pair well with jeans and offer enough warmth to shelter you against the fall chill. They too can be paired with a vest for even more warmth.

6. Flipping for Flannel

Flannels are intended for cold weather. However, it’s now considered stylish to wear this as everyday clothing. Put a striped flannel shirt over a comfy t-shirt in solid black or gray shade.

7. Button-Down Denim Shirts

Slip a button-down, long-sleeved denim shirt over your favorite t-shirt for extra warmth. Denim is IN this fall, giving you a classic look in darkly toned fabric. Double breast pockets with copper-hued buttons make for a design that pops. It delivers an effortlessly stylish aesthetic for men.

8. The Everyday Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt is ideal for both workwear and casual wear. You can find a nice Oxford shirt with a simple cut, giving you clean lines for your sides and sleeves.

9. Regular-Fit Long-Sleeved Shirts

If you want a more laid-back look, a regular long-sleeved shirt gets the job done. Find a really soft one. Jersey fabric, in particular, makes for a superbly soft level of comfort. It looks especially good with a cardigan thrown over it, paired with  some loafers and a nice pair of chinos. It’s a classic yet complex look for a more casual vibe.

10. Performance Long-Sleeved T-Shirts

High-performance long-sleeved t-shirts are indeed as cool as they sound. Made from lightweight performance yarns, this type of moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat at bay. It also has antimicrobial properties and a reflective heat seal that enhances visibility. Some versions even offer UPF 50+ sun protection.

Long-sleeved shirts can easily be paired with a good pair of joggers, ideal for men who prefer fashionable activewear.

There are always new long-sleeved shirt trends for men to try, but these are the top 10 must-try moves for this fall. You can easily pair them with casual attire or gym clothes to suit your needs while still looking trendy. You don’t need to be fashion-forward to enjoy dressing up in these sleek looks.

Just remember, you should know which colors work best for you. (Consider your hair and skin colors.) Red is one of the colors that tends to pop and generally looks attractive on most men. However, blue, brown and gray offer the most versatility for men who want a more subtle look or those who like to mix and match their wardrobe and accessories. Have a go with these ideas, and have fun styling yourself in long-sleeved shirts this fall and winter.


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