10 Photography Mistake No One Has Told You About

Wedding is no doubt the most memorable occasion in one’s life. It is the day when you’d like everything to go perfect and smooth. Nonetheless, planning for the wedding can also be a stressing and nerve-wrenching experience. There are so many things to think about and ensure that every moment is enjoyed and captured perfectly.

Photography and wedding go hand in hand. Among other things that you should give the most preference to is the photography. Therefore, you’ll have little choice but to hire a trusted worthy photography studio in Tysons Corner VA.  Remember that the wedding day shall pass but the memories will retain forever! To make sure that this happens, avoid making the following ten photography mistakes that you may previously not know about.

1. Forgetting To Sign A Wedding Photography Contract

That’s the first thing you may want to do! Go, sign a contract with your client. Without getting a proper contract in black and white, you may end up in a mess with lots of problems staring at you in the long term.

Make sure to include each and everything in the contract from the quality of the photos to the number of snaps.

2. Forgetting To Arrange A Wedding Coordinator

It’s one of the most important things you should do. While it may be convenient for you to talk to your photographer before the wedding but you can’t really guide them during the big day. It would better that you give your photographer a wedding coordinator which guides them on the occasion.

Who could be your wedding coordinator? Don’t worry a lot about it. You can simply ask your sibling or any close friend to take on this charge!

3. Hiring A Photographer Without An Assistance

Any kind of event photography is a fairly busy task. More so, weddings are occasions full of hassle. Since your photographer might also be occupied with their other professional responsibilities, it is you who has to ensure that they don’t come solo without an assistance.

The presence or otherwise of an assistance will profoundly impact the quality of the pictures. If you want to receive the best results, be sure that the photographer comes with an assistance so that they could manage the photos and their quality.  

4. Not Being Able To Finalize Poses

Remember, you cannot just pose randomly on your wedding day. Whether you are a bride or a groom, you should pick on your favorite poses beforehand. Not being able to decide a pose in advance may cause conflicts and disagreement, leading to an unpleasant situation. Therefore, don’t miss out on pose selection from the wedding photography checklist! Set meeting with your photographer and be very clear about the poses you’d like.

5. Keep Listening To Everyone

Since it is your wedding, everything has to go your way. It is your right and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have your dream wedding. Plan it as you want it.

In terms of photography, you will receive suggestions and advices from a lot of people. Don’t listen to any of them. Paying attention to everyone will eventually get you nothing except a waste of your time and may be a ruined wedding photography. Do not, therefore, make the mistake of listening to everyone.

6. Not Having Extra Accessories For Camera

Make sure you are prepared for all kinds of emergency situation. The photographer should be carrying all extra camera accessories such as memory cards to cover the event. They may fall short of anything during the wedding. So, it is better that they come prepared in advance.

7. Missing Out On Firsts

The ‘firsts’ happen to be the most important moments to capture at your wedding. You need to make a special schedule with your photographer to ensure that all your special first moments are captured forever. Not being attentive to firsts will cost you in long term as it’s one of the worst wedding mistakes! Don’t miss on it!

8. Not Having Knowledge Of The Guests

You need to prioritize your guests. It would be better to know in advance which of your guests are more important for the group photo. Make sure your photographer has all the help he needs from the coordinator he needs to sort out the important guests.

9. Not Controlling Your Temper

Wedding hassle will stress you out real bad. You are likely to face several mood changes during the day. A lot of stuff may annoy you.

You will need to be strictly patience and make sure you don’t lose your temper. It’s your special day and only you can avoid ruining it.

10. Not Knowing Modern Trends

As the world changes, so do the photography trends. It is entirely up to you to hire a family photo studio which gives you the modern and state of the art photography services.

You should learn and try new techniques and modern trends. Reading professional photographers might help!


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