11 Ways  To Acquire New Viewers On Twitch and Retain Them

Whether you want to stream your favorite game online or watch others play, Twitch is all you need. With over 7 million active streamers, Twitch has evolved to become a favorite platform for both streamers and viewers alike. Are you wondering how to make a twitch community? There are various tactics that you can employ to improve your stream quality and attract more followers. Here’s how to get started.

1. Choose a good stream title

You use your Twitch channel for marketing yourself, and this begins with an attention-grabbing headline. It’s the first thing that potential viewers see before they watch you play. Choose an informative, catchy message to intrigue viewers and draw them to view your gameplay. Be humorous but avoid spammy tactics or click-bait titles.

2. Stream high-quality videos

The quality of videos matters a lot to viewers. For any potential viewer looking for a streamer, the stream’s quality is the first thing to consider. If your video is low quality, it will turn off potential viewers before they watch the content. Thus, stream quality videos, which makes it easier to draw and retain your viewers. Besides, it’s now easy and affordable to set up high-quality streams.

3. Set a stream schedule

Every pro streamer will tell you that consistency is crucial for any Twitch streamer. Viewers need to know when and where to find you. Your twitch stream should also fit the schedule of your views. Search for information on your target audience, and find out when you’re likely to get them online.

 Establish a play pattern and be consistent. Once you set a streaming pattern, stick to it. And this makes it easier for your followers to find you. Although it’s okay to post spontaneous content, this should be a way of adding to the already existing baseline content.

4. Choose your games wisely

With so many streamers nowadays, it’s easy to make the wrong game selection. Anyone would assume that games with high numbers of audiences will attract more views. But, big titles like the DOTA, Fortnite, and League of legends are prevalent among other streamers, and you’re less likely to get viewers streaming the same.

Stream what you enjoy and provide a unique perspective to it. This way, viewers will notice how you have lots of fun streaming, will want to follow you to experience the same. Moreover, stay abreast of the trending games, be creative, and use this to guide your decisions.

5. Make your stream attractive from the outside

Viewers want to know much about your channel, and you should lure them by giving them juicy information. Take advantage of the Twitch native info-panels to achieve this. Go to your channel and click the “Edit Panels” button to add a panel. Create a separate panel for:

  • Your personal information and social media links
  • Streaming schedule
  • Game configurations
  • PC setup
  • Donator button 
  • Top donators

6. Engage viewers and communicate clearly

Clear communication is critical in any stream. Your chat, mic, and webcam can make or break your stream. Get a high-quality microphone and a face camera and set them rightly. Look decent and welcome new views by their names. People feel better and can easily connect with you when you call them by their names. Some usernames may sound funny, but don’t shy away from pronouncing them. You never know, the awkwardness may win you one more viewer!

Establish a strong relationship with your viewers and have the right hardware and software in place. Always read comments and respond with your voice; the inability to do this is a mistake that all streamers should avoid.

7. Notify people when streaming on social media

Social media can help you promote your twitch channel. Let others know when you’ll be streaming, with a helpful link to your channel. Spreading the message across many platforms makes you popular and attracts more viewers. Post other things on your social media page, and this avoids creating unnecessary stream announcements. 

8. Play with your audience

Play moments with your followers allow you to know them more, have fun, and make new friends. Besides, most people on Twitch are there to have quality time and make new friends. If you can offer this, then you have the edge over other streamers.

Moreover, learning about your followers helps you create entertaining content, and this will attract more views. It also helps in retaining the existing viewers, and this makes you a great streamer.

9. Keep your viewers engaged outside Twitch

Streaming is all about your audience. Keep your viewers engaged when not streaming. How can you go about it? Generate more fun content for your stream followers. This way, you’ll create a sense of community that plays a notable role in your stream. Create updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and anything else that works. Every streamer is unique, and what works for you might not work for everyone.

10. A Google-friendly stream works!

Submit your stream details to a streamer database. This way, your channel will be indexed on Google allowing visitors to choose your stream. What’s more? New viewers will discover your stream, making it easier to gain more followers.

 Submit your Twitch profile to the famous streamer databases, which are; and It’s free and makes you more visible to crowds of viewers. Moreover, update your profile often in case of changes in your stream schedule and focus.

11. Join a streaming community

Join groups of other streamers, and this allows others to host or feature your stream. There are various groups that you can join; some are open while others require invites. If you’re good at networking, you’ll join many of them. Moreover, search for Twitch streaming groups on Facebook, join and use them to advertise your stream.

The bottom line

The first step to getting more viewers on Twitch is streaming what you enjoy. Otherwise, others will notice this and will be unlikely to watch your stream. Choose your games wisely and have fun as you stream. Welcome new viewers, keep them engaged and offer to play with them. This way, they will stick a little longer and will likely come back. Also, network with other streamers and use social media platforms for advertising your Twitch channel.


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