15 Garden Party Ideas for your Easter Day Celebration

Winter is finally over and earth comes to life against. Spring is now here and brings good fortune with it. With it comes the Easter holiday time to get out and celebrate with our friends and neighbours now that the cold season has passed. What have you planed for this holiday to make it a memorable one?

If you have nothing in mind, here are 15 garden party ideas that will impress you.

Easter is a simple holiday that is celebrated every year by Christians to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ Jesus. The holiday has its traditions such as backyard hunts, dyed eggs, chocolate eggs, and the Easter bunny. These are the norms and are loved by kids. However, there are other fun ways to celebrate this Easter Sunday. There are a lot of other fun stuff like creating DIY Easter gifts, trying out new recipes, decorating your home, and playing new games.

Backyard Easter Egg Hunt Party

Spring brings a new breath of fresh air and there is nothing more beautiful than having fun on the loan on sunny Easter Sunday. Make it interesting by hunting hidden dyed eggs. This activity won’t be complete without Chick & Bunny Easter plates, bunny cups and other bunny themed items.

Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt

Make this Easter a joyful by incorporating the spring blooms like the lily flower, and gerbera daisies with and backyard egg hunt. You can also use bright bunny baskets set the holiday mood. Good food should also be on top of the list for a glorious occasion.

Easter Bunny Toss Game

There are a lot of fun and games that can be done on this day and with technological advances, you can download app games in your smartphone and play these games as you enjoy some nice barbecue with family and friends on a lovely Easter Sunday.

 Easter Bunny Button Decorations

Outdoor Easter decorations bring about that joy and happiness that you didn’t during the long cold season of winter. This is a big bunny that is made out of different sizes cloth buttons. The buttons are of different colours too to make it colourful.

Easter Burlap Banner

 Decorate your backyard fence with this beautiful burlap banner. This banner reversible and you can hung it on either side and it will still look good. The banner can be of any color but the pink color is the best for this makes a great outdoor Easter decoration.

Burlap and Lace Chair Decorations

Easter is all about celebration of the good things that God has showered us with. Here is another good garden party idea that will be interesting and fun. Get a piece of wide burlap and lay it on top of a chair so that it covers both the front and the back of the chair. Once done, tie a pink ribbon on top of the burlap and finish by attaching a beautiful fabric flower. This makes a very classy and unique outdoor .

Easter Egg Inspired Vases


The egg shaped flower vases are not easy to come by and so you really have to take good care of them if you have them. Fill the vases with natural filler and faux succulent stems. Use different colours to make them pop. You can place the vases at strategic areas of your garden.

A Wooden Easter Door Sign

You don’t have to dig deep into your pocket to get unique outdoor decoration you can just make your own using a piece of fine wood. Get creative by engraving the word “Happy Easter” with a bunny at the end.

Outdoor Garden Balloons


Kids love balloons and why not incorporate them in your outdoor decorations? Use different colour and texture balloons to bring that excitement in everyone not just kids.

The Cute Easter Bunny Gnome

Personally, I love the garden gnomes although kids don’t seem to like them and they find them a little scary. Why not get rid of this phobia by placing cute pink bunny gnomes on your garden during Easter?

Easter Decorated Wheel Wreath

Another classic outdoor and garden decoration is the wheel wreath that brings about the vintage experience of the Esther celebrations. You can decorate this wheel using flower arrangements looking like a nest with eggs in it.

DIY Jelly Bean Tree

Another great creative decoration is the jelly bean tree. Get some tree twigs, place them in a vase and some soil in the vase to make it stable. Get different colored jelly beans and attach them at the end of the twigs.

The Easter Egg Garland

Another way that you can use to create a colorful outdoor or garden decoration is using water balloons and stings. Fill the balloons with water and then use colorful strings to wrap and wrap them round to make egg shapes. Burst the balloons and glue the egg shaped garlands on long strings.

Easter Egg Décor

These wonderful out door eggs are will make your day. There sight is just breath taking. The decorations are made from planting moss, grass or flowers in these crafty eggs. What make them marvellous are there colours that bring an explosion of joy and happiness.

Jelly Bean Topiary

For a romantic Easter, this decoration will do the trick. Add that spring mood in to your relationship by jelly beans on a brightly coloured Styrofoam ball. For more appeal, add floral foam to stabilize the dowel and then cover it with moss.

Easter is one popular holidays in spring that brings a good cheer after a cold Christmas. Usher in spring in style by having s celebration with family and friends. Since you have been staying indoors most of the time during winter, it is time to get together and catch up with friends and neighbours and discuss on ways to improve your lives and make things better. Christ came so that we may have a good life in abundant, so let’s come together and celebrate the fine things in life. These decorations can also be used as flower arrangements for church


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