3 Ways to Compliment Your Heart-Shaped Face

Is your face shape the same as that of Reese Witherspoon or Lili Reinhart? Then you’re in luck! You have a heart-shaped face that many people adore and wish to have as their own.

But doesn’t having a heart-shaped face mean you can’t have any haircut you want? You can wear your carrera sunglasses anytime, but what about that geometric eyewear that is popular today? Will they compliment your face?

You might think that having a heart-shaped face is a disadvantage. Yes, your forehead and cheekbones will be slightly wider than other face shapes, but this doesn’t mean your face is hard to style.

In fact, many stylists love working with certain celebrities simply because of their heart-shaped faces. And you would, too, as long as you know what style to go for.

The Perfect Eyewear

When you have a heart-shaped face, you’d be proud of your wonderfully curved lines and sleek angles. And that’s enough to bring confidence into whatever look you go for, especially when you accessorise with sunglasses.

But to make your overall style perfectly complementary, you can choose the eyewear that best fits your face shape. And according to experts, the aviator, oval and rectangle frames are what you can wear to bring out your face’s best features.

These types of eyewear work well with your wide forehead and cheekbones, balancing them out, so they don’t get overemphasised. Wearing thin-rimmed glasses is also advantageous since they don’t stress your strong facial features, and you end up with a balanced look all over.

Hair that Complements

You might think that finding the right haircut for your heart-shaped face is daunting. But, on the contrary, it is easy and can be a fun challenge, too. After all, any hairstyle will do, as long as you feel good about it.

You need to remember, though, that your haircut has to balance out the strong points of your face, which are your forehead and cheekbones. With this in mind, you might want to try having side-swept bangs or pixie bangs. These styles will flatter your face and define your elegant angles.

However, try to stay away from chunky layers of hair, which will harden your features or a bob that ends on your chin. It can make your otherwise sharp jawline dull.

Make-up to Heart

When you feel like making yourself up, you can count on your bronzer to get the look you want. It can help soften your strong jawline and balance out your wide forehead. Just apply it on the sides of your temple and at the bottom of your chin.

Making your lips pop also works to draw attention away from your jaws. So, go with bright colours and glossy lipstick. Finish your look with a rosy blush and light eyeshadow for a nice, soft balance.

Fashion doesn’t always have to depend on your face shape or the colour of your eyes, or even your body build. It’s your own unique style and what you’re comfortable with.

But, of course, it doesn’t hurt to find inspiration from others. You might want to get the perfect haircut before putting on your carrera sunglasses and hitting the streets. Just don’t be surprised to get too many approving looks.

So, put on your best make-up, work your hair, add your favourite bling, and rock that heart-shaped face!

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